Top 20 Acts of Altruism to Brighten Your Day (Part 2)

Our part one article featuring the first six acts of altruism to brighten your day, and we are about to show you seven more outstanding acts that really put the small things in perspective. There simply isn’t enough kindness to go around anymore, but you can discover where it still exists by exploring these kind souls below. Also, make sure to come back for our coming part three article, featuring even more acts of altruism to brighten your day!

Number Fourteen: Road Kill. In a society where driving is so prominent, we observe unlucky animals on the road all the time. Although, most of us don’t take the time out of our day to help them. One animal-loving man decided to pull over to the side of the road, get out of his vehicle, and walk through traffic to retrieve a stranded turtle, saving his life.

Number Thirteen: Beached Dolphin. After seeing a dolphin washed up onto a beach shore, one observer decided to inspect it, expecting to find it dead. It was still alive, however, and was somehow unlucky enough to have become beached in the sand. The man carried the dolphin to deeper water, where he swam off to safety.

Number Twelve: Real Sacrifice. While running a marathon, this woman was actually in first place. However, she gave up the position to backtrack to this disabled participant who was unable to get water during the race. She may have lost the race, but received a much more impressive recognition for her action.

Number Eleven: To Protect and Serve. After an extensive power outage in a struggling neighborhood, one police officer went beyond the call of duty of help his community. Because the food in many of the homes had spoiled without refrigeration, the officer bought meals for the families that were affected.

Number Ten: Still Serving. Another police officer in the line of duty offered a caring act to a local homeless man. The officer noticed that the man was so struck by his condition that he had no shoes, so he went out and bought him a pair.

Number Nine: A Special Treat. One vending machine patron was feeling extra generous one day, and decided to treat the next user to a snack. An anonymous envelope was found attached to the vending machine, filled with enough money for the next lucky user to get a snack and a drink.

Number Eight: Impressive Strides. During the running of a marathon, one contestant with the lead noticed his second-place opponent struggling to complete the race. Moved by his dedication, the runner forfeited his win to run behind the other contestant, giving him a pep talk that he “had not finished the race quite yet”. Don’t forget to check back for our coming part three article, featuring seven more acts of altruism to brighten your day!