Top 15 Weirdest Ways to Die

There are certainly some creative ways to die out there, but these 15 are the icing on the morbid cake. Though some of these instances are rather unfortunate, they are admittedly memorable. Would you agree to die under bizarre circumstances if it meant you’d be remembered forever? Read on and find out!

Number Fifteen: Parachute Suit Fail. In 1912, engineer Franz Reichelt decided to test his prototype of a parachute suit by just going ahead and jumping off of the Eiffel Tower. He fell to his death in front of hundreds of spectators.

Number Fourteen: Crushed by a Whale. Coworkers Jay Newton and Brian Hartley were just doing standard procedure at their jobs in Seaworld when disaster struck. As Brian was lifting a 20 ton orca up into the air, the orca slipped and fell onto Jay, killing him.

Number Thirteen: Killer Scarf. American dancer Isadora Duncan had a beautiful neck, but that’s all history now. She was wearing a long neck scarf in an open-air vehicle when her scarf caught on the rear wheel’s axel and strangled her.

Number Twelve: Horse Fetish. One man decided to go where no man has gone before – no, not that kind of moon. After having anal sex with a horse, Kenneth Pinyan suffered from a perforated colon caused by the horse’s penetration. He later died.

Number Eleven: A Simple Miscalculation. Someone didn’t take enough math in high school. One man decided he wanted to bungee jump, but he didn’t have enough rope. He measured the height from where he wanted to jump, which was 70 feet, and instead of tying together fewer feet of rope, he tied together exactly 70 feet of rope. In a sense, he tied his own noose.

Number Ten: Hit by a Truck Delivering Your Own Birthday Cake. On her 100th birthday, Debby Mills wanted a special birthday cake. However, on a routine trip outside, she was crossing the street when she was suddenly hit by a truck. That truck was carrying her 100th birthday cake.

Number Nine: Injected by Soup. In Rio de Janeiro, one nurse mistakenly injected soup into 88-year-old Ilda Vitor Maciel. The nurse thought she was injecting the soup into Ilda’s feeding tube; however, instead the soup entered her bloodstream and subsequently killed her.

Number Eight: Video Game Addiction. Addiction to video games has caused several notable deaths. The story tends to go like this: person (generally male) quits job or has epiphany, decides to pursue passion which is gaming. This person then proceeds to game too hard and dies of dehydration or a heart attack. Sad, but true.

Number Seven: Buried Alive – Or Not. Russian woman Lyudmila Steblitskaya was “dead” in her coffin when she suddenly awoke. However, the shock from waking up in a coffin sent her body spiraling, and she suffered from a heart attack and actually died.

Number Six: Under the Influence. Rapper Jewelz decided to have a little too much fun one night when he reportedly Tweeted that he was driving under the influence of several intoxicants. After tweeting about it, he died in a crash.

Number Five: Suffocated by Poop. 36-year-old Russian Audrey Golubov was just casually using an outdoor restroom when the wood cover fell through, and so did he. What’s really shocking about this story is that a friend actually found him there and LEFT HIM. The friend apparently thought Audrey could get out on his own. What a load of crap that was.

Number Four: Viagra Overdose. One brave and cocky man made a bet that he couldn’t handle a night with two beautiful girls. To prepare, he took an entire bottle of viagra. Though he survived the night, the drugs gave him an ensuing heart attack, and he passed away.

Number Three: Too Much Juice. British man Basil Brown was just a bit too healthy. He decided to drink so much carrot juice that his liver became irreparably damaged. He ingested 10,000 times the amount of Vitamin A that a regular body needs.

Number Two: Accidental Suicide. Canadian Gary Hoy had a habit of bodychecking the windows in his office. Important note: his office was on the 24th floor. In an attempt to show visiting students just how sturdy the windows were, Gary bodychecked the window – like he normally did – with surprising results. He was thrown through the glass and fell to his death.

Number One: Hit by a Flying Lawnmower. John Bowen was just admiring the air show during halftime at a football game when he was struck by a flying plane shaped like a lawnmower. One mechanic was flying the lawnmower-shaped plane near the stadium and reportedly lost control of it as it nosedived into the stadium. Bowen apparently looked like he had been hacked apart, went to the hospital and died that same day.