Top 15 Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier (Part 1)

The world is full of useful inventions, and innovative people who come up with ingenious ideas. There’s an endless sea of information out there on such things, so we compiled a list of the top 15 inventions that will make your life easier. Here is part one of the list.

Number Fifteen: The Rolling Bench

Everyone has been in the situation of walking through a city or going to a park just after rainfall, searching for somewhere to sit down and being unable due to puddles all over the benches. The rolling bench allows you to crank a lever for a dry seat.

Number Fourteen: The Twister Fork

Eating spaghetti can be a hassle when the pasta keeps sliding off of your fork as you’re eating it. The smart design of this fork, which includes wavy prongs, allows you to not have to worry about this.

Number Thirteen: CATable

Do you want to bring your cat with you to work? Pets are known to reduce stress, so if your workplace allows it, it could be a great idea. This is a work table with fun mazes for your furry friend to entertain himself with.

Number Twelve: Cup Holder Umbrella

Hold your umbrella and your cup of coffee with the same hand, and leave the other one free for whatever it’s needed for. This is great for pedestrian commuters.

Number Eleven: Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Push your baby around the park or city while getting where you need to be fast, and getting exercise at the same time. Quite smart.

Number Ten: Baby Shower Cap

Another useful item for parents. This cap goes on your child’s head while you’re giving them a bath, and is designed to keep shampoo out of their eyes which could cause discomfort and pain to your baby.

Number Nine on Our List of Inventions: Pizza Scissors

Pizza cutters do not always work so well and often take a repetitive sawing motion to get it right. Not to worry, though, someone invented pizza scissors which cut the perfect slice on the first try. We hope you enjoyed part one of our list, come back soon for part two.