Top 15 Fail-Proof Life Hacks (Part 1)

Some life hacks are outright impossible; still others are more of a nuisance than a life hack. Well, these 15 life hacks are simple, straightforward and are guaranteed to improve the ease with which you live your life on a daily basis. Check out part one of our list of 15 fail-proof life hacks made simple below, and stay tuned for part two!

Number Fifteen: Make Someone Listen. If you’re saying something important to a friend, be sure to preface your statement with “I shouldn’t be telling you this, but…” The preface will make your friend think the information is classified and, therefore, more important.

Number Fourteen: Heal a Bruise. It might sound weird, but holding a banana peel over a bruise for up to 30 minutes will remove the bruise’s color. There are nutrients in the peel that help with hematomas.

Number Thirteen: Get the Gift She Wants. Have you been waiting months for your girlfriend’s birthday wish list to no avail? Just tell her you already bought her present and ask her to guess. She’ll only guess things she secretly wants.

Number Twelve: Make Room in the Microwave. Want to microwave two things, but don’t have space? Stack one plate or bowl on a cup next to the other to create space for both dishes.

Number Eleven: Re-Do That Drunk Dial. If you accidentally leave a voicemail that you maybe begin to regret as you’re leaving it, press pound while you’re still on the phone. You’ll then be able to erase the message and record a new one (or not).

Number Ten: Night Vision Without the Fancy Equipment. An easy trick to get night vision when you don’t have the right gear is to keep one eye closed in a bright room, then once you’re in darkness, open it. The contrast will allow you to see the dark room much more efficiently.

Number Nine: Body Language Lie Detector. Here’s a trick: if you’re lying and want to convince someone you’re telling the truth, amp up those hand gestures. People telling a true story tend to use more hand gestures than people who lie (who are probably spending more time thinking about creating their lie than using their hands).

Number Eight: Shake Your Soda. To keep the carbonation levels in open two-liter bottles of soda from going flat, put the lid on and shake it up – but not too much! The slight shaking will encourage the carbonation to stay at high levels for weeks.