Top 14 Hilarious Futuristic Fashion Predictions

Fashion tends to proceed in a cyclical nature, so it’s no surprise that fashion predictions are often recycled. However, these futuristic fashion predictions from the 1960s and 1970s are so funny and ridiculous that we had to share them. Let us know what your favorite fashion prediction is in the comments!

Number Fourteen: Scandalous See-Through. There’s a lot going on here. Though the mesh was probably meant to attract the attention of the opposite sex, the rest of the dress (or whatever that is) is so off-putting there’s no way it worked.

Number Thirteen: Sweater Suit. Though the concept of the sweater suit isn’t so bad, and this guy wearing it is actually quite good-looking, this “futuristic” concept just…doesn’t work. Although we bet there’s at least one guy gullible enough to spend too much money on this.

Number Twelve: The Cape. What category does this outfit even fall under? There’s a cape, but it’s attached to the bottom of her pants. It’s too casual to be a suit, and it’s not really a one-piece, because that cape is just so distracting.

Number Eleven: Alien Wedding. Is that plastic wrap a legitimate excuse for a veil? Definitely not. Yeah, there’s nothing futuristic about this.

Number Ten: Mod Gone Wrong. Though this was surely an attempt to use glittery silver to look futuristic, these people look like poor excuses for robots. Don’t even get us started on the hats. Oh, that hats.

Number Nine: Domo Arigat-Oh-No. If you really want to stretch it, this getup looks like it could be rolled down the runway in New York Fashion Week, but it’s not nearly practical enough to wear. And good luck finding someone who would agree to wear it, anyway.

Number Eight: The Red Herring Hat. Yes, whatever is on her head is distracting, but don’t let that distract you from the main problem with this outfit: she’s not wearing pants. Actually, that makes it more appealing now that we think about it.

Number Seven: Nuns of the Future. There’s nothing right about these outfits. Speaking of right, whoever stitched these together clearly ran out of material by the time they got to that poor nun on the right.

Number Six: Unicorn Techno. Unicorn Queen, is that you? No, because there is nothing about this that works. Come back in 100 years.

Number Five: “Bathing Suit for the Year 2000.” This piece is actually titled “Bathing Suit for the Year 2000,” which raises quite a few questions. For example, is that a swimming cape? Are those goggles? This inspires a lot of general confusion.

Number Four: Puff Couture. Ignore the mitten attached to that jacket – look at her hat! Actually, let’s get back to the mittens, because those actually look really cool. This has Kanye written all over it.

Number Three: Plastic Fantastic. Her headphones might be uber-cool (looking at you, Beats by Dre), but what is even happening with that onesie? It’s the clear see-through backpack of outfits.

Number Two: Sports Diaper. Clown on the top, commando on the bottom, says nobody, ever. A Shakespearean shirt gives way to a rather risque pair of shorts, no less highlighted by those hairy legs. We’ll stop there.

Number One: Waitress of Wonder. The polka dots are cutesy, but she looks like she’s part of a dance recital for kindergarteners. This is one case in which retro is truly best.