Top 13 Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee (Part 2)

Part one of our 13 health benefits in your morning coffee filled you in on some great health benefits often taken for granted by coffee consumers. Now, we are back to present the most amazing seven benefits in our list! Read on to learn about all of these helpful benefits of coffee that might make you change your morning routine!

Number Seven: Parkinson’s Disease. In addition to diminishing the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease, as mentioned in our part one article, coffee also holds a remarkable ability to reduce the risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease. The caffeine level available in a daily cup of coffee results in reducing the risk of development anywhere from 32-60%. This magic little stimulant will keep your dopamine-producers avidly exercised, meaning they aren’t quite as likely to die off and result in Parkinson’s Disease.

Number Six: Liver Protection. The liver is a vital organ that may require a bit of extra protection. Many health conditions target the functions of the liver, including the infamous Hepatitis. Liver diseases such as Hepatitis will result in the liver being replaced by a layer of scar tissue; this condition is called cirrhosis. If you may be worried about the health of this vital organ in your own body, just indulge in a daily cup of coffee. It may reduce your risk for such troubles by as much as 80%.

Number Five: Depression Be Gone. One of the most helpful and ignored health benefits of coffee is its ability to fight depression. Not only will the chemical effects of caffeine help a loved one deal with the intense emotional effects of depression, but daily consumption will also help people to prevent being affected by this mental disorder. If you are still skeptical, don’t underestimate the effects of depression; this disorder affects more than four percent of all Americans and is one of the hardest conditions to bear.

Number Four: Cancer Killer. Of all the incurable diseases to contract, cancer is arguably the most frightening of all. The consumption of coffee has mystical properties, including the reduced risk of developing either liver of colorectal cancer. Consumption of the beverage can improve your chances of staying free from these forms of cancer by up to 40%.

Number Three: Controls Strokes. Coffee has gained a reputation for causing heart disease due to the effect that caffeine has on raising blood pressure. However, stating that heart disease can be onset by caffeine is truthfully a myth. The actual effect that blood undergoes from a cup of coffee is a minimal 3-4 mm/Hg, which eventually vanishes after continuous consumption. It is even said that those who indulge in a cup of joe regularly have up to 20% reduced risk of stroke.

Number Two: You Could Live Forever… Well, maybe not forever. However, coffee can help you to live longer than originally planned. With all of the reduced risks of contracting disease associated with this miracle beverage, it only makes sense that coffee consumers often live longer. In type 2 diabetics, studies show that coffee drinkers have up to a 26% lower risk of death.

Number One: All of the Antioxidants. Of all of the antioxidant-filled foods, coffee may just be the most abundant source. Studies have proven that this beverage can offer even higher levels of helpful antioxidants than most fruits and vegetables! Although, you still need those in your diet to keep you healthy and happy.