Top 12 Ways to Finally Clear Your Skin (Part 1)

Acne has been plaguing the faces of its victims for as long as we remember, but we can finally show you the 12 ultimate ways to clear your skin. We have all experienced the misfortune of this condition, many even past the age of adolescence. It is difficult to deal with and can be a huge pain in the butt, which is why we are here to help you clear your skin. Don’t forget to come back see part two of this article, with the six most effective methods of clearing your skin!

Number Twelve: Keep Your Face Clean. Of all the tricks to keeping your face clear, cleaning it is the most important! Acne is caused by the accumulation of dirt and oils in your pores, resulting in those pores being filled with icky sebum. Cleaning your face removes these substances, and allows your face to heal without imperfections. It is important to use cold or warm water, as hot water can actually attribute to acne formation.

Number Eleven: Keep Your Hair Clean. Just like your face, oil accumulates on every strand of hair. Because your hair is often touching your face, it can actually worsen your acne. By keeping your hair clean and void of as many oils as possible, your acne should diminish noticeably. It also helps to put your hair up when you sleep in a fashion that it does not touch your face.

Number Ten: Don’t Touch Your Face. The human body is prone to the production of oils, and that includes your hands, too! When you touch your face, you risk transmitting more oils to its surface. The backup of these oils is a serious cause of acne. This includes the action of popping pimples, which actually causes more to form.

Number Nine: Fill Up with Nutrients. Acne can only be solved if your face is healing itself and its layers efficiently. To achieve the peak condition for your body to be able to function its healing capabilities, a healthy diet is required. Fruits, vegetables, and anything high in Vitamin A will help the problem, but fatty foods with oils will exacerbate it.

Number Eight: Freeze It Up. Oddly enough, acne problems can often be solved by just apply a little ice to the affected area. This soothes the outer layer of skin and helps to remove trapped dirt and oils. It will also calm down red or swelling areas. For areas that are especially problematic, try wrapping an ice cube in a cloth and pressing it against the skin.

Number Seven: A Little Honey. Honey masks are a home remedy acne treatment that has been used for centuries. Even if your skin is fairly clear, this will prevent the formation of imperfections. Honey contains high levels of antioxidants and moisturizing qualities that reduce inflammation, and clear your skin. Don’t forget to come back see part two of this article, with the six most effective methods of clearing your skin!