Top 10 Worst Parents Who Belong in Jail

Parenting is no easy job, so it should come as no surprise that not every parent is a superstar. Some parents, however, are so bad that they belong in jail. These 10 worst parents are definitely candidates for some serious prison time. Check out the 10 worst parenting fails below.

Number Ten: Burn, Baby, Burn. We all experience sunburn at some point in our lives, sure. But to subject your baby to it? Brutal.

Number Nine: Don’t Put Baby in a…Drawer? Hide and seek can be fun, but this baby looks like she’s having a terrible time. Maybe her parents should stick to the crib.

Number Eight: Pool Party. Even if this picture was posed to look ridiculous, it still promotes unhealthy values. Plus, no respectable parent would give his kid a Miller.

Number Seven: On a Short Leash. Leashes have been one of the more controversial parenting topics of the past few decades. Though they are practical, they make children resemble animals, which invites all sorts of nasty comparisons.

Number Six: Shocking. It’s no secret that babies love to chew. This adorable little boy might be in for a shocking surprise in a few minutes…shame on you, parents.

Number Five: Choose Your Role Models Wisely. Well, we can only speculate as to where this little girl’s future is going, but it can’t be good. Slut-shaming might be over, but to choose a role model based on how little clothing she wears can’t possible instill good values.

Number Four: Playboy Baby. Sure, this might seem like a harmless joke, but many babies have photographic memories! This kid might growing up assuming the girls he sees in Playboy mirror the ones he’ll meet in real life. And oh, how wrong he’d be.

Number Three: He Can Fly! Though this was surely an accident, that baby looks like it’s going to dive headfirst into the sand. The other one doesn’t look like he’s in great shape, either. Come on, parents, get your act together before you swing your kids around recklessly.

Number Two: Hands Up. Even if this was meant to be funny, it just plain isn’t. Kids and guns is a combination that never ends well.

Number One: They Grow up so Fast. There is an epidemic in Indonesia of children chain smoking. Though this boy is just one of many children addicted to cigarettes, he has become the poster child. Some children there smoke several packs per day.