Top 10 Ugliest Animals in Existence (Part 2)

You were grossed out, disgusted, and maybe even a bit frightened by the ugliest animals we presented in part one, but part two is certain to make you cringe! Sadly, these animals may never be loved, but at least, we can make them into internet stars. That has always been the dream, right? Read on to discover the creatures we have ranked as the top five ugliest animals in existence!

Number Five: The Mexican Burrowing Frog. This nasty little frog looks like just a gooey, purple blob of slime- which is why it belongs on our list. The Mexican Burrowing Frog is chubby in appearance, and has a pointed nose. Its feet are rather unique, featuring a shovel-like shape and even horns. Needless to say, it is an excellent digger. In addition to Mexico, they have also been known to live in Central America and the United States. Although, you may never see one; they live in underground tunnels and only come up to play in the rain.

Number Four: The Angler Fish. Also known as the monkfish. This nightmarish fish is known primarily for its large head and adaptive lure that dangles in front of its face. You may recognize him from his appearance in Finding Nemo. This lure, attached to its dorsal spine, calls the attention of its prey before it the fish snatches it up with its tiny, sharp teeth. It lurks in the darkest depths of the Atlantic Ocean usually, and is also observed to have brown flesh covered in warts that serves as a great camouflage.

Number Three: The Fruit Fly. Often, the unattractiveness of the Fruit Fly is simply brushed off, because it is so small that we humans don’t have the sensory abilities to be disgusted by it- from far away, that is. After a close-up, the Fruit Fly becomes even more heinous. They are abundant on almost every continent, save for Antarctica. The bear huge, bulging red eyes in proportion to their bodies, and pincers that dominate the horror movie scene. At a larger scale, this creepy insect would be capable of monstrous feats.

Number Two: The Vulture. The Vulture is most often known for its dietary habit of gnawing on the carcasses of dead animals. This ominous bird bears a wrinkly face ugly enough to scare off even other birds. In terms of its large, dark body, the Vulture really isn’t very horrendous. What really earns its place on our list of the ugliest animals is its wrinkly neck and menacing eyes. It’s like they are just waiting for us to die…

Number One: The Blob Fish. If you’ve ever wanted to see a real-life version of Squidward and normal squids just aren’t convincing you, well we sure found him! Many internet fanatics are convinced that this fish’s appearance was achieved with the help of Photoshop, but it is 100% real! Appearing to be a big, beige… well, blob, this creature is most often observed creeping along the ocean grounds, deep in the South Pacific Ocean. It is rather gelatinous, to say the least, which makes it possible for the Blob to float when necessary. Although the fish has been seen by a few, not much is known about the nature of the beast because such an encounter is extremely rare.