Top 10 Shocking Facts About Hitler

There are tomes of information regarding everything anyone could possibly want to know about Hitler – so what else is there? Well, these 10 shocking facts might surprise you. Hitler is dead, but he is anything but forgotten. Here are 10 facts to help you peel the layers back from the evil dictator that was Adolf Hitler.

Number Ten: He Nearly Drowned as a Boy. In 1984, a boy accidentally fell through ice and began to drown. A local teenager heard the cries for help and saved the drowning boy. Guess who that drowning boy was? Yup, it was Hitler.

Number Nine: He Was Voted Man of the Year. Hitler was actually voted “Man of the Year” by Americans in 1938 for actively spreading democracy around the world. He was even nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 1939. As we all know, Hitler never received that award.

Number Eight: He Was Hormonal. In an effort to make him less aggressive and more feminine, U.S. officials planned to give Hitler female hormones in his food. We’re left wondering why the officials wouldn’t just give him poison…

Number Seven: He Was a Compassionate Tyrant. Would you believe Hitler never visited a single concentration camp? Well, believe it. Some historians believe this was due to his desire to emotionally separate himself from his victims.

Number Six: He Fell for a Jewish Girl. Yes, you read that correctly. The lucky lady pictured above was named Stefanie Isak; though she never so much as said a word to Hitler, Hitler fantasized about kidnapping and committing suicide with her. Creepy.

Number Five: He was a Coke Head. Hitler’s personal doctor prescribed him cocaine as an analgesic for his nose and throat. However, his doctor was clearly unaware of any other consequences. Is it possible the cocaine is what triggered Hitler’s grandiose ideas and satanic actions, not to mention his paranoia? Possibly.

Number Four: He Died on the Same Day as Osama bin Laden. In some evil twist of fate, Hitler died on the exact same date as Osama bin Laden – May 1st. Freaky!

Number Three: He Was Anti-Smoking. Though Hitler may not have been a humanitarian, he was vehemently against smoking. He even went so far as to organize an anti-tobacco campaign.

Number Two: He Was Missing a Testicle. Due to a wound he incurred in battle, Hitler ended up losing a testicle. This later led to sexual problems in his personal life. Perhaps his frustration fueled his violent fire.

Number One: He Supported Sex Dolls. In an effort to prevent the transmission of venereal disease, Hitler helped design inflatable dolls made from galvanized plastic for his German soldiers. Hitler wanted to require the soldiers to bring the dolls to war with them so they wouldn’t go around spreading their seeds with strangers. However, this plan never came to fruition due to the bombing of Dresden halting the production.