Top 10 Powerful Tank Forces in the World (Part 2)

Did our part one article of the most powerful tank forces in the world leave you craving even more hardcore, butt-kicking masterpieces of tank machinery? With the most impressive war technology in the world, we are here to show you who leads the globe with their epic tank forces!

Number Five: North Korea. The most recent tank produced for North Korea’s armed forces is the Pokpung-ho, meaning Storm Tiger. This is said to be a variation of the Russian T-62 and utilizes the technology of other Russian features. It is designed to keep a low profile on the battlefield and sports a 125 mm. caliber as the main offensive gun, along with a 14.5 KPVT anti-aircraft machine gun, 7.62 mm. PKT anti-infantry coaxial machine gun, and eight smoke grenade dischargers. The wheels are covered by thin armor skirts, with a 12-cylinder diesel engine producing a top speed of about 37 miles per hour.

Number Four: India. In India, the primary battle tank is the Arjun, named after India’s great archer. This third-generation tank has been in use since 1984 and is used in the present day. It sports a 120 mm. main rifled gun with armor-piercing, fin-stabilizing, discarding sabot ammunition. Along with this gun is a 7.62 mm. coaxial machine gun and NSVT 12.7 mm. machine gun. It runs on a single MTU multi-fuel diesel engine with an output of 1,400 HP.

Number Three: China. The Type 99, or ZTZ-99, is the most recent development of the Chinese main battle tank. A third-generation tank, the machinery is used primarily by the People’s Liberation Army. It bears a 125 mm smoothbore gun with ATGM capabilities, Type 85 cupola heavy machine gun, Type 59 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun, and runs on a diesel engine with an output of 1,500 HP.

Number Two: U.S.A. The most current tank in use in the United States is the M1A2 Abrams though the M1A3 Abrams is currently in the research stage. This main battle tank has been produced since 1980 and was designed by Chrysler Defense. The M1A2 sports armor unlike any other, using depleted uranium mesh-reinforced composite. It is equipped with 120 mm. L/44 M256A1 smoothbore gun, .50-caliber M2HB heavy machine gun, and two 7.62 mm. M240 machine guns (one pintle-mounted, one coaxial). It runs on a Honeywell AGT1500C multi-fuel turbine engine.

Number One: Russia. Russia is currently using the tank technology of the T-90, although the T-95 is in progress and scheduled to be unveiled soon. The T-90 is a third generation main battle tank, a development of the former T-72B. It has been in use since 1993 and received a slight upgrade in 2004. The armor is composed of a steel-composite-reactive blend, and sports a 2A46M and 2A46M-5 125 mm. smoothbore gun, 12.7 mm. Kord Heavy machine gun, and 7.62 mm. PKMT. It runs on the force of a V-92S2 12-cylinder diesel engine with an output of 950 HP.