Top 10 People With Crazy Talents (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of this mind-boggling list of crazy talents, and now we’re back with the second part. I used to think that juggling was a rather impressive talent, but these people really raise the bar. As if the first five were not incredible enough, here are five more who might be even more amazing.

Number Five: The Crazy Talented Zhang Quan

This person can clap as loud as a helicopter. He tries not to do it too often because he claims it hurts his own ears to do so (not to mention those around him), and has been warned by the environmental protection officials about getting arrested for noise pollution, which is extra incentive not to exercise his unique skill too often.

Number Four: Alexander Overwijk

A Canadian professor who can draw a perfect circle, free hand, in about a second. This is a skill that had previously been labeled completely impossible. This may not sound like an amazing feat to you, and if that’s the case, I invite you to give it a try. It’s harder than it sounds!

Number Three: Yong Hsueh

A Shaolin monk who can receive kicks to the crotch without suffering any injury. This man has partaken in performances and stunned audience members by only smiling gracefully and bowing after each (what appeared to be) brutal boot. He has explained that his unique skill must be learned early in life, and is a matter of learning to retract the testicles up into the body where they are safe from harm.

Number Two: Wim Hof

Nicknamed (quite appropriately) “The Iceman”, this Dutchman has competed in marathons running over snow without any shoes on, been buried in ice, and managed to stay submerged under an ice bath for almost two hours. He attributes this extraordinary ability to meditation.

Number One: Gino Martino

This American wrestler has an extreme toughness of the head and an extraordinarily thick skull. He can smash anything with his dome, from baseball bats, to steel objects, to concrete blocks. He’s even had bowling balls dropped onto his head from yards above, all of this helping him to earn his nickname, “The Human Anvil”. We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 people with crazy talents.