Top 10 People With Crazy Talents (Part 1)

Who doesn’t want to be crazy talented? Everyone has a dream of being great at dancing, playing the piano, or being a wonderful athlete, but the world is full of countless people who can already do these things. Wouldn’t it be great to learn to do something truly unique or unheard of? What if it were possible to acquire skills never even imagined before? It is, and it’s been done. We’re here to tell you about people with extraordinary, mind-blowing talents. Don’t forget to check back later for the second part of our list.

Number Ten: The Crazy Gifted Michael Lotito

This man has a talent for eating very unusual things that would be considered poisonous for us common folk. Among these items are bicycles, television sets and even an airplane (the latter took roughly two years).

Number Nine: Wei Mintang

Next we have Wei, a factory worker from China who can blow up balloons with his ears. Apparently he randomly discovered that his ears leaked air (though I have to wonder how one discovers such a crazy thing), and decided to see what he could accomplish with this. He’s also been known to blow out candles the same way.

Number Eight: Claire Hawes

This woman appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and showcased her unique skill, playing two recorders at once with each nostril. Playing any instrument is a notable skill to begin with, and she took it to the next level. Quite impressive.

Number Seven: Garry Turner

This guy goes by the name “Stretchy Skin Man” for his ability to stretch his skin over 6 inches. This is due to an unusual medical condition, but I’m sure he’s managed to entertain quite a few people this way.

Number Six: Captain Frodo

A contortionist with a talent for fitting his entire body through the width of a 10-inch tennis racket (strings removed of course), this man, unsurprisingly, performs at the circus. He performs this compelling act through dislocating his joints, one by one. I can’t imagine that this is the most pleasant thing to watch, but it’s still pretty amazing. We hope you enjoyed part one of our article. Stay tuned for part two!