Top 10 New Species That Will Blow Your Mind

There are new species discovered every day, but some stand about the rest. These 10 new species discoveries are not only amazing, but some are groundbreaking as well. Check them out, and prepare to be shocked by these new animals roaming our earth.

Number Ten: Feathered Dinosaur. The feathered dinosaur no longer roams our earth, but its discovery was monumental to scientists everywhere. It is also known as the “chicken from hell” and lived in North America.

Number Nine: Coral Plant. Though the coral plant was only just discovered, it is already endangered. Scientists have only found about 50 of these plants, which are parasites and resemble coral.

Number Eight: Cartwheeling Spider. The cartwheeling spider is a desert spider that thrives in Morocco. Instead of simply running or scampering away from its predators, the cartwheeling spider, well, cartwheels away from its enemies.

Number Seven: X-Phyla. These creatures are a little more on the mysterious side. They are possibly related to jellyfish, but they lack several key characteristics required to belong to the same phyla as jellyfish, Cnidaria.

Number Six: Bone-house Wasp. In case you’re wondering how this wasp got its name, we’ve got it: the was mothers feed their young and also protect them with the exoskeletons of other dead insects. These wasps are able to survive on the dead carcasses of these other insects, so it truly is full circle.

Number Five: Indonesian Frog. Instead of laying eggs like most frogs, the Indonesian frog gives birth to live tadpoles! The Indonesian frog is one of less than 12 other species of frog that utilize internal fertilization.

Number Four: Walking Stick. Part of a family known as giant sticks, the walking stick is an average of nine inches long and lives in Vietnam.

Number Three: Sea Slug. A new species of sea slug was discovered as a missing link. The new sea slug links sea slugs that feed on hydroids to others that feed on corals.

Number Two: Bromeliad. This beautiful Mexican plant was finally recognized by science, but it has been familiar to locals for a long time. The bromeliad was often used around Christmas time by locals.

Number One: Pufferfish. A new species of pufferfish was discovered that “drew” crop circle-like formations in the ocean’s floor. It created these crop circles to attract mates and minimize ocean current surrounding them.