Top 10 New Inventions to Simplify Your Life (Part 2)

After reading the first five life-simplifying inventions, it’s time to get down to business. The first five inventions were cool, but these will change your life! Read on to discover how to get more space from your fridge, a robot that will become your best friend, and much more!

Number Five: A Bottle Loft. This unique little device will allow you to optimize almost every square inch of space in your refrigerator. And let’s face it, who could use a little more fridge space? The Bottle Loft is an attachable strip of magnets designed to hold anything with a metal lid. It is especially useful for beer and beverage bottles that take up more room than necessary.

Number Four: The Jibo. We’ve finally come to the point of technology that we can consider adding a machine to our families. The Jibo is just that type of companion. This innovative robot can perform many tasks as a smartphone would, hands-free! Jibo has the capabilities to text, order food, take pictures, or even just talk to you when you’re bored. How’s that for a family pet!

Number Three: The Toepener. Germaphobes, fear no more! Having to open a bathroom door can be a scary experience, especially when studies show that more bacteria lives on a bathroom door handle than anywhere else! To avoid contaminating the hands that you just washed, technology has produced the “Toepener”. This toe-operated handle can be attached to the bottom of doors, allowing anyone to open a nasty bathroom door with just a swipe of your toe.

Number Two: The Jins Meme. In recent times, we’ve seen the debut of the smartphone, the smartwatch, and finally a pair of smart glasses! The Jins Meme eyeglasses have the ability to monitor a user’s concentration, sleepiness levels, and much more. Reports are delivered straight to your smartphone, but at a steep price!

Number One: The Life Straw. If you spend a lot of time camping or hiking in secluded areas, then this invention is for you! Technology has produced the ground-breaking “Life Straw”, which can be placed in any pond, river, or lake, and purifies the water for consumption as it travels through the tube. Think of the possibilities!