Top 10 Most Shocking Child Murderers

Murder is often thought of as a crime committed by deranged people who had terrible childhoods. However, what happens when crimes are committed by child murderers? These 10 stories of child murderers will shock, disgust and probably terrify you. Turn up the lights, and check them out for yourself below!

Number Ten: Carl Mahan. Carl was six years old when he killed his friend over a piece of scrap metal. It was 1929 when the two kids got into a fight over the piece of iron, which caused an eruption leading to Carl hitting his friend over the head with a rod. Carl then got his dad’s shotgun and shot his friend.

Number Nine: Mary Bell. In 1968, Mary Bell, age 11, was accused of killing two young boys, ages three and four. Mary strangled the older boy. Two weeks later, Mary and her friend strangled another child. Mary was given life in prison but was later released and provided with lifelong anonymity.

Number Eight: Jordan Brown. Jordan Brown was 11 when he shot and killed his dad’s fiancee in 2009. She was pregnant at the time, so Brown was charged with double homicide. The body was found by his dad’s fiancee’s four-year-old daughter. Brown has been detained, and the case is ongoing.

Number Seven: Lionel Tate. Lionel Tate is the youngest person sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was 12 when he brutally beat up and eventually killed a six-year-old girl. He claimed that he just rough-housed with her, but an autopsy revealed the he beat her up so badly that her liver was pushed through her ribcage.

Number Six: Eric Smith. Eric Smith was 13 when he sexually assaulted and killed a four-year-old nearby. He lured the young boy into the woods, sexually assaulted him, and killed him. Smith confessed, and he is still in prison today.

Number Five: Andrew Wurst. 14-year-old Wurst was in eighth grade when he committed murder. He brought a pistol to a school dance and planned to commit suicide, but instead he shot two teachers and several students. Wurst took a plea bargain but was later sentenced to more time.

Number Four: Thomas “T.J.” Lane. Lane was 17 when he took a .22 caliber handgun into a high school and shot several students. He apparently targeted the students he shot, and he was charged as an adult. Lane pled guilty and was sentenced to three life sentences.

Number Three: Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden. In 1998, Mitchell Johnson and Andrew Golden, 13 and 11, respectively, had premeditatedly planned a murder months before they committed one. The pair snuck guns and ammunition from Golden’s grandparents’ to Johnson’s parents’ minivan. During a routine fire drill at their school, they waited in the woods, and then all the students and teachers were outside, they open fired. Both boys were released from custody on their 21st birthdays.

Number Two: Graham Young. By the time Graham Young was 14, he already had a knowledge of chemistry equivalent to a postgraduate. The boy genius then decided to poison his father, mother, sister and grandmother. He was then institutionalized but somehow poisoned the staff. He was released, poisoned even more people, and then sent back to prison for life.

Number One: George Stinney Jr. George Stinney Jr. is the youngest person ever executed in the United States. Stinney was accused of killing two young girls by beating them. There was no DNA evidence, but the testimony of three policemen led to his death sentence. He had to sit on a booster seat made out of a bible in order to carry out his electrocution. However, he was posthumously proven innocent, and his conviction was vacated in 2014.