Top 10 Mind-Blowing Expensive Yachts (Part 2)

You were amazed by the amenities and price tags of the first five most expensive yachts that will blow your mind in part one, and we have finally returned with part to! Read on to discover the luxurious lifestyles lived by the elite few who can own these top five most expensive yachts in the whole world!

Number Five: Al Said. To purchase the Al Said, you would need to miraculously come into $300 million. Taking the name of owner Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said of Oman, this vessel bears all the necessary luxuries. Upon the yacht’s creation, it was the second largest yacht in existence composed mainly of the remains from an aluminum structure. In addition to accommodating its crew and owners, the ship has the ability to carry an additional 70 passengers. There is also a concert hall for orchestral performances on board.

Number Four: Superyacht A. For a heavy $323 million, you might just be able to get your hands on Superyacht A. The structure is rather small, however very intricate and luxurious. It is home to a crew of 42 people, and can bear up to 14 guests. Superyacht A holds three pools with technology to produce a current to swim against, as well as the latest features in technology and entertainment.

Number Three: Dubai. The Dubai yacht would sell for an estimated $350 million. The boat has gone through quite an array of name changes and owners; at one time it was owned by the prince of Brunei as “Golden Star”, and also belonged to Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who finished its construction. The owner now, responsible for its current title, is the Sheikh of Dubai. The vessel can accommodate up to 115 people, who enjoy access to the yacht’s pool, spa, helipad, and elegant glass staircase.

Number Two: Eclipse. The Eclipse was sold for about $450 million, though its recent additions have raised its value to $1.2 billion. It requires the work of a 70-person staff to maintain this ship, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abromavich. Not only does it have the latest in entertainment technology, but also bears a helipad, a camera-defense system, and even its own submarine.

Number One: Streets of Monaco. To earn a name like “The Streets of Monaco”, a yacht has to be worth quite a bit of money- a cool $1 billion to be exact. However, this impressive vessel is still undergoing construction. Upon its completion, the yacht will bear a go-kart track, casinos, replica of the Monaco Grand Prix track, tennis courts, swimming pools, cafes, and extensive underwater scenery. Bearing all of the luxuries, the yacht is designed to be its own perfect floating city. We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 mind-blowing expensive yachts!