Top 10 Hottest Russian Women In The World

Russia is a great country, and with that also comes the beautiful population with some of the hottest and very gorgeous ladies topping the charts. In this nice article, we take a good look at the top 10 hottest Russian women this year.

Number Ten: Natasha Galkina

This woman has some real looks. It’s hard to pass Natasha without wanting to throw a few more glances at her curves. She’s in love with short dresses that make her even more attractive.

Number Nine: Natasha Poly

Poly is another of the hottest Russian females this year. She’s slim, curvaceous and with that “badgal” impression that could make anyone drool at her.

Number Eight: Alsou Ralifovna Abramova

You take one look at this lady and all you can say is “wow!” Alsou is a real gem, with the body of a queen and the confidence of a real woman. Those things make a woman hot!

Number Seven: Irina Shayk

She’s a lovely brunette with a penchant for some nice bracelets. If she decides to pull a “wild” pose, people will drop with admiration!

Number Six: Anna Kournikova

One thing about beautiful ladies is that they love beautiful places. May be that what makes Anna have some love for bikinis and beaches. You should see her pose in that attire!

Number Five: Natalia Vodianova

Any woman with some long, “gold-ish” hair is considered lovely, but Natalia’s beauty is also backed up by her incredible physique. She has some lips that would have you blowing kisses!

Number Four: Sasha Gradiva

If there’s any woman who looks stunning in a well-fitting dress and great makeup, it must be Sasha. This lady exudes real confidence, and that, coupled with the lovely damsel that she is, spells the word “hot!”

Number Three: Hottest: Mila Kunis

This damsel is famous for her great looks. In fact, Mila is an international celebrity. She has a thing for nice dresses and striking some very impressive poses. This lady is hot!

Number Two: Maria Sharapova

She’s a golfer renown on the world sage for her gaming prowess. If you thought the golf world couldn’t afford a stunningly beautiful female, you need to see Maria on the beach!

Number One: Milla Jovovich

Nobody loves a good photo-shoot like Milla. She’s the type that will dream up some really nice poses and wow everybody with her striking appearance. She’s a bomb!

The above list of the 10 hottest Russian ladies is nothing if not accurate to a point. For more such goodies, stick around!