Top 10 Hilarious Side Effects of Drinking (Part 1)

Drinking is (almost) always a good time, although it can have some pretty hilarious side effects! The best nights of embracing the devil’s juice involve places you don’t remember going, pictures you don’t remember taking, and definitely stupid stunts you don’t remember doing. To find out the tremendously entertaining and even just plain weird things that these 10 people encountered when under the influence, all you have to do it explore our list! Don’t forget to come back for our soon-to-debut part two article, revealing the five most hilarious side effects of drinking that we have ever seen!

Number Ten: Shipping a Drunk. When people start drinking, they tend to wake up in some strange places. However, none more strange that a shipping unit that one man mistook for a “bed and breakfast”. He must have wandered into the crate unnoticed in his drunken stupor, but luckily he had his cell phone to help get him out. Police came to the rescue, although it took hours to figure out which sealed crate he was in. Turns out, he was trapped 18 meters up on a two-week journey across the Pacific.

Number Nine: Elephant Battle. Sometimes known as “liquid confidence”, alcohol can certainly boost the ego of some users. It made one Sri Lankan man in particular feel pretty strong, as he decided it was a good idea to challenge a 15,000-pound elephant. He harassed the impressive beast as observers were horrified, until the elephant trampled him in anger. What’s even more, this was only a short time after the same creature had fatally attacked another man. The man survived, but with multiple injuries and a missing ear.

Number Eight: Crocodile Commute. After leaving a local bar, one Australian man decided that it was a good day for a wrestling match. In fact, he broke into a local alligator park, and began riding a crocodile weighing almost a ton like a cowboy. Fatso, the croc, didn’t approve, and let the man know by sinking his teeth into his leg. Luckily he had already eaten, or the man was sure to be lunch.

Number Seven: Worst Dad Ever. Parents can be a drag sometimes, but this father is by far the worst parent we have ever seen. After getting drunk, this Wisconsin man donned a scary clown mask on Halloween and funneled alcohol into their little digestive systems. The kids, aged 13 and 8, tried to make a break for it. Not liking this, the father hung the older child over an overpass by his ankle and threatened to drop him. The man is now locked away, after being charged with reckless endangerment and child abuse.

Number Six: Drunk Cowboy. There must be something in alcohol that brings out the cowboy in men, like this Louisiana man. He jumped on his horse and rode it to a saloon called “Cowboys”, where he showed off his lassoing skills. He wrangled a man, and dragged him around the parking lot before coming back into the bar- on his horse. Police pursued him, but he gave them a chase while he shouted threats at the squad. Don’t forget to come back for our soon-to-debut part two article, revealing the five most hilarious side effects of drinking that we have ever seen!