Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila (Part 2)

We amazed you with the first five little-known health benefits of tequila, and now we have returned to present the top five. We are going to give you all the healthful information you’ll want to know to turn that vodka and cranberry into a mojito. All you need to do is stay tuned!

Number Five: Prevents Type II Diabetes. Though consumption of tequila for diabetics should always be discussed first with your doctor first, this liquor may have surprising positive effects for such patients. The digestion-aiding fructans in tequila may act as a viable option for fiber, as it bears a low glycemic level and does not cause dangerous raises in blood sugar. It could also provide a boost to insulin production.

Number Four: Eases the Aging Process. Remarkably, the effects of alcohol in general may have a positive correlation in reducing the risk of contracting dementia. However, drinking is infamous for becoming harder and harder to handle without overconsuming. The overconsumption of alcohol can actually increase your chances of being struck with the disease.

Number Three: Helps to Transport Necessary Chemicals. In addition to the previously stated benefits of fructans, these may also aid in the transportation and flow of chemicals throughout your body. The body needs many chemicals, sourced from the brain, to circulate the body in order to function. Fructans contain a natural chemical carrier that will make this transport more smooth and efficient.

Number Two: Helps You to Sleep. We all know alcohol for its amazing abilities to calm the nerves, but to what extent? A shot of tequila, or any alcohol really, will unwind and relax the body, making it easier to catch some much needed Z’s!

Number One: The Hangover Myth. Tequila is known ultimately for turning a great night into a nauseating one, and making the next morning absolutely miserable. However, the tequila hangover can be avoided quite simply. It isn’t tequila in general that brings on the hangover, but the cheap, substitute sugars used in the cheap brands. If you wish to enjoy all the health benefits of tequila without the nauseating consequences, just splurge and opt for the 100% Agave kind.