Top 10 Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila (Part 1)

Tequila has quite the reputation for transforming a fun night out on the town into a disastrous nightmare. However, most consumers of this flavorful and potent liquor are not yet aware of all of the health benefits Tequila has to offer. Find out all of the ways that Tequila can reward you for having a little fun (in moderation!) when you read on! Don’t forget to check back for our part two article, featuring the top five surprising health benefits of this party-enhancer!

Number Ten: Helps You Burn Fat. Before we begin, readers should be advised that these health benefits cannot be acquired in full by drinking just any kind of tequila. Just like any other food product, the cheap knock-off stuff will not be quite as healthy. To gain the full effect, it is necessary to drink 100% Agave tequila, made from the agave plant.

One reason to do this is that it might actually help you to drop a few pounds. While it is true that any alcohol is composed of empty carbohydrates that could cause you to gain weight, a shot or two on occasion will offer a supply of agavins to your body. Oddly enough, agavins are a type of sugar that are more easily digested by the body, and cannot be found in agave nectar. This unrefined form of sugar has a molecular structure that will not raise blood sugar levels, and can actually increase fat-burning metabolism.

Number Nine: Aids Your Digestion. Two shots of tequila can work digestive wonders if consumed at the right times. It is advised to take one shot before digging into a meal to boost your metabolic rate, and finishing the meal with a second shot to aid the digestion process.

Number Eight: Probiotic Qualities. For those of you who may be unaware, probiotics are a naturally-occurring bacteria that help our intestines to maintain a healthy balance. Fructans, available from the consumption of moderate amounts of tequila, will help to supply these bacteria with everything they need to flourish.

Number Seven: Or Even Prebiotic Qualities. In addition to supplying probiotic bacteria, tequila also contains prebiotic properties. These properties help to ensure that the intestines are the perfect living space for these helpful little guys

Number Six: Fights Osteoporosis. Agavins are a miracle-working chemical found in tequila. In addition to the benefits of against mentioned previously, they help the human body to retain higher levels of calcium. This will aid in fighting off the onset of osteoporosis, known for its effect of creating brittle bones.