Top 10 Daily Struggles Only Cat Owners Understand

Whether you love them or they completely creep you out (we totally get it), there’s a reason cat owners seem to bond with each other. Cats are weird, anti-social roommates that wreck your stuff and sometimes leave a dead animal in your sheets. You see that box over there? Yeah, your cat will sit in that. Here are 10 daily struggles only cat owners will understand.

Number Ten: The struggle of waking up to your cat going nuts at 5 a.m. This happens at least once a week, and there is never an explanation.

Number Nine: The struggle of leaving food alone for longer than 30 seconds. Oh, you had to leave your burrito to use the bathroom? Nope, it’s not yours anymore.

Number Eight: The struggle of using your computer while your cat uses it as a bed. Your keyboard is a conveniently warm bed for your cat – especially right when you need it most.

Number Seven: The struggle of finding a houseplant your cat won’t want to eat. The world may never know why cats want to eat flowers, but that doesn’t change the fact that you can’t keep one intact for longer than a week.

Number Six: The struggle of doing any work without being distracted by your cat. Try focusing on that very serious article while a fuzzy purring thing bats at your face.

Number Five: The struggle of finding a “prize” mouse in your shoe. We know you had good intentions, cat, but seriously? No.

Number Four: The struggle of fighting over the bed. Your cat might be just one tenth of your size, but in terms of power, it gets what it wants. Especially in bed.

Number Three: The struggle of creepy staring contests. For cats, winning a staring contest determines dominance. Back away, cat. Back away.

Number Two: The struggle of loving your cat more than most humans. It’s real. Oh, it’s real.

Number One: The struggle of loving your cat even though it’s literally the worst. Cats might not be angels, but they sure are entertaining (even when they’re biting you).