Top 10 Creatures You Didn’t Know Exist (Part 1)

There are thousands and thousands of animals that exist in the world – some of which still have yet to be discovered. So it should be no surprise that we could dig up 10 creatures you didn’t know exist. Read part one of the list below to learn about some interesting, not-so-well-known animals that are strange – and most of them are endangered.

Number Ten: The Okapi

The Okapi is a relative of the giraffe, even though its size and the stripes on its legs might make you think it is a cousin of the zebra. It has an incredibly long tongue, much like its giraffe relative, and is only found in one African nation: the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Like many others on this list, the Okapi is an endangered creature.

Number Nine: The Gerenuk

This is an African variety of antelope which exists in desert terrain. There is a giraffe connection to this creature as well – though it is not a relative, it is often called the “giraffe antelope” because of its unusually long neck.

Number Eight: The Mutillidae

The Mutillidae is a wingless species of wasp, but it looks more like a hairy ant than anything. Found in the Americas, they might not be able to fly, but they can still sting just like any other wasp.

Number Seven: The Red Lipped Batfish

This freaky looking creature has a mouth that looks like pouting human lips with red lipstick on, and its body appears like it has wings – hence its name. The fish is found near the Galapagos Islands and is unfortunately a poor swimmer, so it has to walk on the ocean floor.

Number Six: One of the Most Amazing Creatures – The Gharial

This is a type of crocodile with a unique-looking snout that is long, thin and has a large, round end. And be careful around them, because inside that mouth is a set of over 100 very sharp teeth. By the way, the Gharial is not just endangered, it’s critically endangered, so hopefully this creature won’t be extinct anytime soon. Thanks for reading part one of our list of creatures, and be sure to check back for part two, coming soon!