Top 10 Beautiful Women with the Title of First Lady (Part 1)

The women of the world who call themselves a first lady are some of the most powerful and influential women across the globe, and we have found the top 10 most breath-taking of them all! Beauty is only increased by power, so they say, but these beautiful women didn’t even need it in the first place. Read on to discover the magnificence of these stunning and accomplished women! Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, where we reveal the top five most breath-taking first ladies of all!

Number Ten: First Lady Angelica Rivera

The stunning Angelica Rivera was previously known as an actress from Spanish television network Telenovela. She married into her political position, with the joining of herself and Enrique Peña Nieto in 2010. Two years later, he was elected as the President of Mexico.

Number Nine: Chantal Biya

Chantal Biya is the first lady of Africa’s Cameroon. Her beauty is unique, to say the least. She is primarily loved and known for her exotic wardrobe choices, and iconic and large hairstyles.

Number Eight: Dominique Folloroux-Ouattara

This breath-taking beauty is the first lady of Ivory Coast. Despite her age of 61 years, the woman has aged gracefully and retained her title of one of the most beautiful influential figures in the world. Before her update of status, Dominique was a highly successful business woman. She is known best for her humanitarian charity services, as well as her high position in the French Beauty Services company.

Number Seven: Sylvia Bongo Ondimba

The beautiful Ondimba is the first lady of Gabon. She is often referred to as the most beautiful first lady of all of Africa, previously known to be first lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya. She is dedicated to fashion, and is especially fond of designer Valentino. She is also a member of the haute couture club.

Number Six: Queen Jetsun Pema

Queen Pema was fortunate enough to have fallen in love with the Oxford-educated young catch Jigme Khesar Namgyel. The two married in 2011, and later gained the title of King and Queen of Bhutan. The woman came from no line of fame, being the daughter of a mere pilot. She is primarily characterized for her love of exquisite and traditional Bhutanese dress. Don’t forget to come back for our part two article, where we reveal the top five most breath-taking first ladies of all!