Top 10 Banned Children’s Toys

Most children’s toys are designed to give kids a fun, safe playtime experience. However, some toys are much more dangerous than they might appear. These 10 shocking banned children’s toys were banned for a reason, and you won’t believe how dangerous some of these can be. Check out the full list below, and be sure to keep your kids away!

Number Ten: Cabbage Patch Snack Time Doll. The Cabbage Patch Snack Time Doll was a nice idea, given that it allowed children to feed plastic food to plastic dolls and enjoy a truly interactive experience. However, there was no on or off switch for the doll’s eating mechanism, meaning that if something got caught in its mouth, it was going to be stuck there.

Number Nine: Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab. An amazing “toy” for science fanatics, this kit resembled an actual atomic lab more than it did a toy for children. The lab contained material that was radioactive and could harm anybody it came in contact with.

Number Eight: Snap Bracelets. These metal bands can be slapped onto wrists, hence the name “snap” bracelets. To cut costs, some manufacturers began making snap bracelets with cheap fabric that could slice into small wrists, effectively turning a cute bracelet into a knife.

Number Seven: Jarts. Nothing about Jarts is safe for children. Every year, these heavy, metal lawn darts caused over 750 visits to the emergency room and even a few deaths until they were banned.

Number Six: Creepy Crawlers. To make creepy crawlers, kids could pour a mixture into a mold and then put it in a small oven. No problem there, right? Wrong. The oven would get up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning any curious kids who decided to stick their hands in it would learn fast that they had made a mistake.

Number Five: Magnetix. These little toys allowed kids to put together whatever they wanted with small magnets. Unsurprisingly, many kids tried to eat the magnets, resulting in several serious injuries and one fatality. The most dangerous aspect of ingesting these magnets is that they could attract to each other while in the body and even cause blood poisoning.

Number Four: Austin Magic Pistol. This “magic” pistol propelled ping pong balls out of its muzzle using a chemical reaction. Though it came with ping pong balls, kids soon realized what other things could be propelled out of the pistol’s muzzle, and it was quickly pulled off of the market.

Number Three: Clackers. Just look at those things! There’s nothing safe about clackers, which were designed to be a simple toy to entertain kids. However, the toys would often come apart due to the force of kids’ clacking, causing many injuries. They were banned in 1985.

Number Two: Splash Blaster Hydro Rocket. This toy rocket was designed to be launched into the sky using water. However, the rocket would often explode mid-air, and shrapnel could harm whoever was in close proximity of the rocket. Due to its malfunctioning behavior caused it to be banned.

Number One: Aqua Dots. Novelty toy Aqua Dots employed a chemical reaction to make small beads appear to stick together. However, like Magnetix, this caused serious problems when children swallowed large quantities. The chemical that made the beads stick together was also a powerful sedative when ingested.