All Time Low: ‘Something’s Gotta Give’ Music Video Review

All Time Low dropped a new music video and album pre-order today, just as the clock struck midnight on the East coast, both collectively sending their hordes of fans into an Internet tizzy. “Something’s Gotta Give” is our first look at what to expect from Future Hearts, and it’s certainly looking good.

The brand new video begins with a long shot of a french fry mascot laying on the ground of its respective restaurant, Slappy Joe’s. A quick zoom reveals said french fry is vocalist Alex Gaskarth, whose face shows just as much confusion as mine throughout the first half of the video. It cuts to a costume-less Gaskarth—unless you count evoking the 90s with a flannel tied around your waist a costume—singing with support from guitarist Jack Barakat, bassist Zack Merrick and drummer Rian Dawson.

Back to french fry Gaskarth, he watches a girl exit a building with an expertly placed Rockstar energy drink clutched in her hand. The product placement is equally as shocking as it isn’t, given their video for 2011’s “I Feel Like Dancin’,” whose concept poked fun at signing to a major label (Interscope) and selling out to product placement (Rockstar), sex appeal (“Jersey Shore”-esque attire and half-naked girls) and stealing someone else’s idea (Lady Gaga and Katy Perry). Now that the band is back with Hopeless Records, it makes the continued “Rockstar” gag seem a tad out of place.

The Rockstar-drinker drops the can upon seeing french fry Gaskarth with a look of terror on her face, which is the trend for all he encounters until the revealing halfway point. French fry Gaskarth approaches the girl, waving and smiling, only to be met with her quickly running away, leaving him and the audience kind of dumbfounded.

Gaskarth runs after her, yelling, “Wait,” before being distracted by Barakat on the street corner. He, too, motions for Gaskarth to stay away to which he doesn’t abide, grabbing his arm from his face and saying, “Peek-a-boo.” Gaskarth spins around and finds Merrick, who screams at the neck kisses he receives. Merrick is then shoved out of the way so Gaskarth can stop Dawson from frantically getting in his car in order to pat his belly as he, too, screams. A very easily distracted Gaskarth then finds a cat, pets it, and tosses it at a window—probably much to PETA’s dismay—when rediscovering the Rockstar-drinker.

The peppered-in live performances and music stop just as the sound of the girl screaming and running from Gaskarth are shown, adding more humor to an already entertaining, yet still confusing piece. Gaskarth begs the girl to come back before having to stop for cramps near a shop window, where it is finally revealed in the reflection that he is a zombie…dressed in a french fry costume…eating all his friends…and a cat.

The reveal is even more impactful as it breaks back into the live performance with a drum clash and a gang vocal “Oh” to show the band post-zombie bites in full makeup in a rainstorm. The story then rewinds and unfolds with Gaskarth’s external zombie appearance and eating habits being shown in place of his internal mindset of normal-bodied affection, the former of which leads to his untimely demise in more ways than one.

With a storyline like this, the video took precedence over the lyrics and song in terms of most attention-grabbing, but the track is still perfect for getting fans amped up over their new album’s impending release. Future Hearts will be out April 7th, but pre-orders are currently available on Hopeless’ website. The band will also be promoting the release with a Spring headlining tour supported by Issues, Tonight Alive and State Champs.