TI: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

TI has made innumerable hit records. But the self-proclaimed “king of the south” has also had his fair share of trouble with the law. For now, he’s doing great – still putting out music and still signing new hip hop acts to his label. Find out much more about the rapper below.

Number Fifteen: He Released an Album from Prison

The album was called Paper Trails and it found success in terms of sales and critical attention. He was in prison for owning unregistered assault weapons a few years ago, but he’s out of prison now.

Number Fourteen: He’s a Published Author

He has published two books about his life. Power & Beauty was released in 2011 and Trouble & Triumph was released in 2012.

Number Thirteen: He Dropped Out High School

When he prematurely left Douglass High School in Atlanta he proceeded to sell drugs to make a living. He was in and out of jail a few times when he was younger.

Number Twelve: He Talked a Man Out of Suicide

In 2010, he actually helped to save a man’s life. A suicidal man was planning to jump from a 22-story building, but when T.I. heard about it on the radio he immediately rushed to the scene. The police were already on the scene, and they let the rapper talk to the man. He eventually came down safely.

Number Eleven: He Is Going to be in a Remake of Roots

Many might not agree that a miniseries like Roots should ever be remade, with the racial tension in the United States lately, it might make perfect sense. The remake is going to air on A&E. It’s going to contain some big-name actors such as Laurence Fishburne and Anna Paquin.

Number Ten: He Is Writing Music for the Spongebob Broadway Musical

Of all the strange T.I. facts out there, this has to be the strangest. He and singer John Legend are working on music for the upcoming show.

Number Nine: TI Is a Restaurant Owner

He’s an owner of the new Atlanta restaurant Scales 925. It specializes in upscale southern food. That’s it for part one but check back for part two, coming soon.