These 5 Inventions Could Change the World

Technology is growing every day, and we have mind-blowing list of five inventions with the ability to change the world. We are fortunate enough to live in a generation unlike any of, with our way of life being reinvented by devices like the television, world wide web, and smartphones. Could one of these new inventions change the world like the iPhone has?

Number Five: Self-Driving Google Car. The self-driving Google car is here to reinvent the ease of driving. Equipped with technology for an autonomous vehicle. As of now, the world experiences more than 30,000 fatalities each year from human errors involving automobiles. The Google car takes the responsibility out of the driver’s hands and offers a safer means of transportation.

Number Four: Heat Generated Electricity. Our bodies naturally produce a level of heat that is currently going to no good cause (other than keeping us alive). However, engineers are developing a material able to be placed on the skin to conduct our body heat, and transfer it into electricity to be harnessed for use. As of now, the project is focusing on utilizing this hear to charge cell phones. An invention has already been produced by a 16-year-old boy that uses the heat from a human body to power a flashlight.

Number Three: Hyperloop. We’ve seen this astonishing concept only in movies thus far, and now it is being brought to reality. The Hyperloop is a revolutionary project for transportation, using technology that allows train-like vehicles to travel at speeds of more than 600 miles per hour. With this kind of transportation, it could be possible to travel from San Francisco to Los Angeles in only 35 minutes.

Number Two: Teeth-Fixing Chewing Gum. A company by the name of Sweet Bites has produced a special kind of gum, with the needs of dental hygiene in mind. The chewing gum contains an ingredient called xylitol, which aids in fighting gum disease and cavities. The company has dreams of spreading this product to all areas of the world, to help economic and dental progress in underprivileged countries with vast need.

Number One: Reuse Shower. Your daily shower is a high consumer of water and electricity, and researchers have been putting forth their best efforts to revolutionize this hygiene practice to better conserve the precious resources. The concept of their most current project is the development of a shower that saves 90% of water per household by reusing shower water. Don’t worry, it’s still clean: the device takes the used shower water and pumps it through a filter before its next use.