The Walking Dead: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

The hit television The Walking Dead has been entrancing viewers for almost six full seasons now. There seems to be something special about this post-apocalyptic world that swallows our zombie-battling fantasies whole. The Walking Dead has accumulated a remarkably large and dedicated fan base. However, we have 15 things that even the most brain-hungry fanatics may not know! Read on to find out everything you didn’t know about AMC’s hit action show; just be sure to return for our part two article to discover the top eight things you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!

Number Fifteen: The Shooting. Most Walking Dead fans would be absolutely thrilled to see the filming of an episode, but some citizens found it horrifying! Upon shooting a scene from season one the pictures Merle shooting a gun, some Atlanta citizens believed it to be actual gunfire and called in the shooting. Then, in flew the SWAT team.

Number Fourteen: The Walkers. In the post-apocalyptic world, it seems as if our protagonists can never be free from swarms of walkers. Well, there is a reason behind that. It probably isn’t surprising that there are more dead in this world than alive, but have you ever pondered the numbers? It’s about 5,000 walkers for everyone alive.

Number Thirteen: The Premier.  Most of the now-devoted fan base for The Walking Dead probably missed the night the new series premiered. For those of you who saw it, you might remember the first episode debuting on Halloween night (2010).

Number Twelve: The Bullet. If you have really been paying attention to the series, you may have noticed a bullet every now and again on Rick’s person. The character performs every scene with this bullet in his pocket, and rarely takes it out; it was the one that killed Lori.

Number Eleven: You Can Have the Bow. Every crazy Daryl-obsessed fan definitely needs a crossbow in their lives. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, they have some good substitutes at Walmart. In fact, they have the same exact one for $300.

Number Ten: Meaty Snacks. The special effects pulled off by the miracle workers over at The Walking Dead really are convincing. After watching a few episodes, you really start to wonder if they really are eating flesh. Nope- don’t worry, it’s just ham.

Number Nine: The Switcharoo. The development of Carl’s character has certainly convinced the audience to adore him. Sometimes, however, Carl isn’t who he seems. Sometimes, he is a 31-year-old woman. The actor who plays Carl normally is 15-year-old Chandler Riggs, but his stunt double is a 31-year-old woman named Ashley. Don’t forget to return for our part two article to discover the top eight things you didn’t know about The Walking Dead!