The Parrot: 15 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind (Part 2)

The parrot is a fascinating creature: it is so beautiful and charming. Today at PPcorn, we will go over some more facts which explain just why these birds are so wonderful.

Number Eight: One of Them Cannot Fly. Sadly – or, perhaps not – the world’s largest parrot cannot fly. The kakapo can weigh up to nine pounds. Because it can’t fly, it survives by staying active at night instead.

Number Seven: They Lay Funny. Don’t get the wrong idea. Instead of probably what you are thinking, we mean to say that, when laying eggs, parrots will find rock cavities, ground tunnels, and even form create holes in trees before doing so. This is different from other birds, which usually make their nests by combining twigs and leaves.

Number Six: They Begin Their Life Blind. When a parrot is first born, they are extremely weak and vulnerable. Not only is their skin extremely thin, they are also blind. They are completely dependent on their parents in order to survive.

Number Five: They Can Outlive Most Humans. The average human lives about 78-80 years, which is much better than it used to be in the past, thanks to lifestyle changes and technology. Parrots, on the other hand, are more bada**: the kakapo specifically can live almost 100 years. Now, that is quite impressive!

Number Four: They’re Romantics. Similar to penguins, the parrot is quite a romantic. Well, from a human’s perspective, that is definitely what they are. When parrots mate, they mate for life and have separation issues when one of them dies.

Number Three: Parents Take Turns. Because eggs take about a month to incubate, parents take turns when it comes to sitting on the eggs. This is particularly fair of these birds, don’t you think?

Number Two: Some Can Move Their Head Feathers. The parrots that are able to move their head feathers are none other than the cockatoo. These charming birds move their head feathers up as a means to communicate with others.

Number One: They’ve Been Pets for a Long Time. For thousands of years, humans have kept these animals as pets. May it be because of their charm, their beauty, or their intelligence – we think all three make them desirable pets – many have flocked to have these creatures by their side.