The Adversary – Ritual Dream

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The Adversary’s video for “Ritual Dream” is an explosion of dance and light. The video begins on a psychedelic purple and blue beach, with waves smashing violently on rocks. We then see a woman dancing with fire, her face and body embellished with whimsical paint. The clips are slightly overlapped as she twirls. As a result, the flames appear to be in many places at once as they streak across the night sky. We also see a hooded figure shrouded in darkness, an image that is frequently interspersed with the woman’s dancing. Closer shots reveal that the woman is wearing metallic makeup and clothing, which glitters like bronze in the warm glow. With sparks cascading, the man in the hood steps into the light for the first time, shirtless and wearing dark glasses, his hood actually a long piece of fabric that flows behind him. He joins her dance, surrounded by a circle of lights pressed into the sand. The whole scene is lively and exotic, accentuating the hypnotic excitement of the song.

Director – Kyoko Takenaka and Felix Penzarella
Producer – Kyoko Takenaka and Jonathan Chang
Composer – Andre Mistier
Copyright 2014 Uncanny Valley Productions, LLC