Teen Wolf Summer Finale Arrives Tonight on MTV

Today is “Moonday” Teen Wolf fans, and sadly that means your favorite werewolf show is coming to an end, for now. Aside from the scrumptious eye candy, Teen Wolf’s suspenseful storylines and beloved characters will be missed during the break.

Tonight’s episode, entitled “Status Asthmaticus,” is the tenth episode from the order of 20 to be included in season five. The definition of status asthmaticus is “an acute, severe asthma attack that doesn’t respond to usual use of inhaled bronchodilators and is associated with symptoms of potential respiratory failure.” That’s definitely related to Scott’s reemerging asthma problems. But it can also mean that Scott may need to think differently than he has been. He can’t expect to defeat the dread doctors if he continues to approach them in the same unsuccessful way.

The dread doctors are not the only evil doers within Beacon Hills. Scott has not yet realized the threat that newcomer Theo poses to him. Theo, with some help from the dread doctors, has run Kira out of town, gained the trust of Malia and Liam, and split up BFFs Scott and Stiles. And Scott McCall has no idea what is going. Get it together, True Alpha!

In the teaser for tonight’s summer finale, Theo, played by Pretty Little Liars’ Cody Christian, is seen confessing to Stiles that he wants his pack to consist of the banshee, the werecoyote, the dark kitsune, the young wolf with anger issues, and the void Stiles. “It doesn’t include Scott,” Theo states. If Theo thinks that his manipulation is the way to gain a pack, then he is wrong.

In another clip, Lydia has a premonition in the school library, and Theo surprises her from behind. “You know what’s coming, don’t you?” Theo asks. “Someone’s going to die here,” Lydia replies. Theo confirms her statement but tells her that he can’t let her tell anyone. Lydia’s confused face is the same face I had when I watched the clip. Plus, I had a feeling of fear running through my body, motivated primarily by not knowing who was going to die and knowing that Theo was about to do something crazy. And, of course, he does. He knocks out Lydia with a single hit to the face, and the clip ends. I’m sure fans everywhere are screaming along with me, “Theo is going down!”

There are a few questions that will hopefully be answered tonight: what is Parrish, and will Scott give Hayden the bite? Do the dread doctors have actual faces? When those answers are revealed, Teen Wolf will undoubtedly leave us with more questions to churn over as we wait for the second half of season five. What are your predictions for tonight’s midseason finale? Watch Teen Wolf tonight at 10 on MTV.