Tanya Tucker, ‘I am loving being back on the road’

Tanya Tucker is quite arguably one of country music’s finest entertainers. Like a fine wine Tucker has done nothing short of grow, mature, and consistently showcase her vocal talents with countless gold and platinum selling albums and beloved hit singles. When you have a smash hit at the age of 13, no one can predict exactly how long and substantial your career will turn out to be. Almost 44 years since the release of Delta Dawn, Tucker is still working hard, performing, creating music, and entertaining fans.

Off to a busy 2016, Tanya Tucker has littered North America with tour dates, interviews, and appearances. With each stop, Tucker continues to draw a giant crowd of country music fans and loyalists. “Being back on the road is something I have wanted to do for a while. I have a new band, new management, and getting out on the road to see my fans is something I absolutely love. Being on stage, no matter what is going on is a special place. It is memorable and where I feel my best.” Tucker explains about being back on tour and entertaining.

With My Turn (2009) being Tanya Tucker’s last commercial release, Tucker mentioned where she is at in the process of recording a new album. “Right now I am recording; we have about 10 songs complete. Finding out which direction I want to take new music, who I want to release the music with, and finalizing the process. Being on the road, it kind of takes a back seat. It is a long process to put out an album. I am very proud of my music, and I want to create the best music that I can.”

1997 saw the release of Nickel Dreams: My Life, Tucker’s open and honest autobiography. Tucker expressed a great interest in the possibility of a new book. “I would love to do another book. So much has happened since I wrote Nickel Dreams and I would love to share more of my story. It isn’t something that will happen tomorrow, but it is something I do want to do.”

With more Tucker to come, she expressed some of her major interests in her musical career. “I am loving being back on the road. I have a ton of musical ideas. I want to create a duets album. I would love to do a Christmas album. I recorded “Away in a Manger” way back when I was 14, and I want to record more. I would absolutely love to do a spiritual album. I think that there is so much more for me to continue to do musically.” The idea of Tucker joining forces with some of music’s most talented artists and heroes to create musical duets definitely would be a terrific album. “I grew up listening to all of my heroes. Then they all became my friends, and they are still my heroes. Working with them would be special.”

Tucker made her second stage appearance of 2016 on the renowned Casino Rama stage. Located in Rama, Ontario Canada, Casino Rama brings some of the best world-class talents to Canada. Tucker was in top-form as she hit the stage. Motivated, energetic, and armed with 90 minutes of complete smash hits and crowd pleasers Tucker captivated and entertained the sold out crowd from start to finish.

Kicking things off with “Some Kind of Trouble” Tucker’s entire set list included; “I’ll Come Back as Another Woman,” “Hangin’ In,” “If Your Heart Ain’t Busy Tonight,” “Strong Enough to Bend,” “Walking Shoes,” “Little Things,” “The Jamestown Ferry,” “San Antonio Stroll,” “It Won’t Be Me,” “Love Me Like You Used To,” “Down to My Last Teardrop,” “Oh What It Did to Me,” “It’s A Little Too Late,” “Soon,” “Ramblin’ Fever,” “Can’t Run From Yourself,” “Lizzie and the Rainman,” “Texas (When I Die),” “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane,” and “Amazing Grace/Delta Dawn.”

“I just sang it one day. Before we started “Delta Dawn,” I just felt it was right. Now it kind of stuck and it’s just part of the show.” Tucker explained how “Amazing Grace” became part of her live performance of “Delta Dawn.” Taking the time to connect with the audience, Tucker frequently told stories throughout the show, touching on her friendships with artists such as George Jones, Merle Haggard, and even Loretta Lynn. Tucker was completely humbled by the audience, thanking them countless times for their support over the years. Tucker mentions “If there is one thing I can’t do enough is express how much my fans mean to me. How amazing they have been over the years and how much I appreciate them.” For more Tanya Tucker including tour dates, news, and links to social media check out her website and connect with Tucker and her music.