Taco Bell: 10 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

We already brought you part one of our list of the 10 things you didn’t know about Taco Bell, and now we’re back with part two! We’ve covered some amazing facts about the company already, so check out part one if you haven’t already. Check out five more fascinating facts about the iconic fast food franchise that you definitely (probably) did not know below. You might be surprised by what you find out!

Number Five: They Were Sued by 50 Cent. It’s true! 50 Cent sued Taco Bell and amazingly won. He won $4 million in the settlement. He sued them in 2008 on the grounds that Taco Bell used his name in an advertising campaign without asking him first. The campaign requested that 50 Cent change his name to 99 Cent for a day to support Taco Bell’s “Why Pay More?” campaign which offers like crunchy tacos and bean burritos for less than a dollar.

Number Four: They Were Almost Represented by Billy Mays. Billy Mays was slated to do a commercial for Taco Bell. However, he ended up dying not long before the commercial was scheduled to be recorded. The commercials were going to be in the style of infomercials and were set to be recorded in 2009. However, Mays died in June of 2009 from heart disease.

Number Three: They Have a Taco Bell Truck. And it’s quite magical, too. The truck drives all over the United States, and that’s not even the best part. The best part about the truck is that it gives away free tacos to anyone it encounters!

Number Two: Their First Customer Was Not Satisfied. The very first customer at Taco Bell ordered a taco, but the juices from the taco ended up spilling all over the sleeve and tie of his fancy suit. However, instead of getting upset or angry, the customer finished the taco and came back for another one!

Number One: They Deal With Some Insane Orders. One person once ordered 349 beef burrito supremes, 201 chicken burrito supremes, 101 steak burrito supremes, and just one crunchy taco (for dessert, maybe?). This went down as the largest order in the history of Taco Bell. We wonder how many people that feast fed!