Super Junior: ‘Devil’ Music Video Review

Super Junior returns to unleash the ‘Devil’ in us, with special album Devil, celebrating their tenth anniversary since their debut back in 2005. Super Junior show that they are not immune to the temptation that the devil provides to them.

He proves that they have grown in the last ten years in their musical career while still being true to themselves. As the music video is a classic Super Junior video in that, the storyline is not serious; Junior is at their best dance wise. Although since their last release ‘This is Love’ Super junior has been released from their box setting and set loose onto the world, only for them to fall prey to the devil.

Super Junior’s ‘Devil’ is made up of a selection of spoof movies featuring the members of Super Junior. The selection of spoof films range from action films to romance films. Throughout the spoof films, there is one running theme and that is the female lead of all the spoof films is the living embodiment of the devil.

The set for the individual shots of Super Junior members is an empty dark room with either just an arm-chair or sofa. The scene is light by a light to give the appearance of the scene being black and white, accompanying the members are two female actresses and they are sat on each side of men.

Apart from the individual sets, 8 other sets have been used for the spoof films. The 8 sets is a car race scene, a night club, interrogation room, poker/office room, street with a row of shop fronts, car auto shop, an alleyway and abandoned building lot. Although spoof films can be regards as individual spoof films, they can also been looked at as one film because the scenes have a similar theme that you would find in an action film.

Viewing the translated lyrics “You’re cold and hot, devil / Like a midsummer rain shower” and “A shadow of the red hot equator / You make me taste a moment of pleasure / Then you burn up my throat again / You’re cold and hot.” Show that Super Junior has linked the lyrics to the music video by referring to the devil while singing but have also featured the devil in their music video. The backing track used for the song is composed of drums and guitars among other instruments used to give the song a throwback to some of Super Juniors earlier releases. This throwback feel to Super Juniors earlier work allows for an upbeat and energetic song making for a good summer hit with the addition of showing the growth the men of Super Junior have gone through the last 10 years.