Subway: 17 Facts You Will Want to Know (Part 1)

Subway is a healthy alternative fast food destination adored by many, but how much do you really know about this sandwich chain? Every restaurant has its lesser-known secrets, and we are here to give you the real scoop on your favorite lunch destination. Read on to find out all there is to know about Subway, and be sure to come back for our part two article with the most revealing eight facts of all that you will want to know about Subway!

Number Seventeen: The First Store. Almost all of us have indulged in the delicious sandwiches at Subway at some point, but most of us don’t know where it all started. The first Subway store opened its doors as early as 1965, located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Number Sixteen: Go Without Gluten. Most locations do not offer gluten free options, however Subway lovers with celiac disease can rest easy knowing that is coming soon! Currently the chain is testing out their new, gluten-free products on the West Coast and Washington State.

Number Fifteen: Impressive Production. Subway has an impressive system to perfect the art of making sandwiches to order as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every minute, more than 5,300 sandwiches are served throughout its locations. To put this in perspective, this means they are serving 320,000 on the hour.

Number Fourteen: Jared’s Favorite Sandwich. Despite your opinions on Jared, he stands to be considered the face of Subway. If you are wondering what his favorite sandwich is, it is the Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki. Quite a delicious sandwich, indeed.

Number Thirteen: All of the Possibilities.  Subway stocks it counters every day with a wide array of fresh, delicious ingredients. Considering all of the ingredient choices, there are over 37 million possible sandwich combinations available.

Number Twelve: It’s Missing Something… Of all of Subway’s fresh ingredients, lettuce is probably o the most commonly requested addition. However, lettuce is one ingredient that lacked an appearance on the first, original Subway sandwich.

Number Eleven: Before the Footlong. As they searched and searched for possibilities for an iconic marketing gimmick, the “Five-Dollar Footlong” finally emerged from their kitchen. However, before this star appeared, they were experimenting with “The Snak”, a six-inch sandwich.

Number Ten: Weird Locations. Worldwide, there are 9,000 locations in existence that reside in places you might not expect. This includes laundromats, zoos, casinos, and even a church.

Number Nine: The Art of Sandwich. Before Jason Biggs was a hit television and movie star, he really had a thing for sandwiches. Once upon a time, it is said that he was a sandwich artist for the chain. We will return soon with the final and juiciest facts you will want to know about Subway in our part two article, so stay tuned and don’t miss out!