Strong Is Beautiful: An Open Letter to All Girls

It’s been hard for you and you have been through some difficult times over the years. It definitely has not been easy. But guess what? You got through it. It started out really rough, though. You never were originally this strong. You were scared and anxious and not nearly as brave as you are now. But as time went on you learned to deal with everything that life threw at you. Instead of letting all this pain tear you down, you used it to your advantage and built yourself up, taller than you have ever been.

When people doubted you and didn’t think that you would make it through any of this, you proved them wrong. You showed them that you are stronger than anyone would have ever expected, and they admire you for that. People would have understood if you were a mess and unhappy, you had every right to be. No one would have thought anything of it if you were struggling to be strong, but you amazed them and now look where it got you.

You’re a whole new person now. You have come so far when compared to the person you were a few years ago. You can now stand up for yourself and hold yourself together when people would understand if you were falling apart. You are able to stay happy and keep a smile on your face through some of the most difficult times. It may seem like nothing to you, but for so many people this is a challenge. Most would let the hard times in their lives drag them down, but you handle it in a way that only the strongest of people can.

Not only are you there for yourself, but also you are there for everyone else around you. People look up to you and can only hope to become as brave and strong as you are one day. You’re living your life in the best way possible and although it’s difficult at times because you don’t always have someone there to give you a hand, you know that you don’t need it because this time will pass and when it does you’ll come out even better than before. Every single moment in your life, the good and the bad, teaches you a lesson. The choice is up to you to use that to your advantage and that’s exactly what you have done. Be proud of yourself and how strong you have become.