Steve Wariner to Feature on New Megadeth Album

As well as being “really aggressive,” it seems that Megadeth‘s upcoming will have a country twang to it too. The Tennessean reports that country star Steve Wariner has been collaborating with the band and will be appearing on the new Megadeth album.

The Grammy award winning musician reveals that he has contributed steel guitar parts for a new track on the album. In his own words “Worlds collide. It’s funny. Imagine Megadeth with steel guitar. That’s what I did, and Dave Mustaine is the nicest guy in the world. Isn’t that crazy? It’s out of my world. You know me, I’m a traditional country guy. But the stuff I played on is awesome.” This statement from Steve follows previous updates by Dave Mustaine that new guitarist “Kiko plays some piano on it, and we actually reached out to [former Megadeth producer] Dann Huff’s dad [famed Nashville arranger Ronn Huff] to do some orchestration on it. It’s a very dramatic kind of song.”

However fans expecting songs like “Blackest Crow,” from there previous album Super Collider, may be left disappointed as Mustaine has said that “there’s nothing like ‘Blackest Crow,’ and, lyrically, nothing like songs that were on [1999’s] Risk, talking about ecstasy or the breadline and stuff like that. These songs are definitely very dark. But is there anything unexpected? It depends what you expect. And anyway, to be predictably unpredictable…is still to be predictable.” He also said that “I think a lot of people are gonna be happy, because the music is really aggressive again.” Mustaine has also previously revealed that some of the songs from the upcoming album will have the titles “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” “Tyranocide” and “Poisonous Shadows.”

Megadeth are currently in studio, writing and recording material for their 15th studio album. The album will be the first one to feature new guitarist Kiko Loureiro and drummer Chris Adler, who joined after the departure of Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick over creative differences. While Loureiro has joined the band on a permanent basis after leaving his previous band Angra, Adler and Megadeth are yet to confirm if he will commit to the band beyond the album. He has previously spoken of his desire to tour with the band but also acknowledged that it would be difficult to juggle touring duties for both Megadeth and Lamb Of God.