Spotify: 15 Things You Never Knew (Part 1)

Spotify, the wildly popular music streaming app, has been pushing its way up the teen trend ladder! Rivaling the reputation of the well-known Pandora, this company has certainly been creating a name for itself. As the new trending app in the music scene, there is so much to learn about them that might just alter your music streaming habits. Read on to find out, but don’t forget to come back and discover the top eight things you never knew about Spotify in our part two article!

Number Fifteen: The Founder. It is commonly believed that the founder of Spotify is the same person that is partly responsible for Napster: Sean Parker. However, this is not actually the case. Spotify was developed by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006. Although, the stock holder of the company did bring Parker in to analyze industry connections.

Number Fourteen: The Effect. Though the company was not fully involved in Parker’s actions regarding the music app, they sure received the backlash. Many misinformed people believe that not only is Parker involved with Spotify, but that he is controlling it as well. The works of this man are not viewed fondly, as his reputation leads customers to believe that Spotify is stealing music.

Number Thirteen: The Cost.  Despite the views of misinformed people, Spotify does pay for their music. However, they do not pay the artists- they pay record companies. This is payed as royalties, and is not the fault of the music streaming app, but with the artists’ contracts.

Number Twelve: The Party Scene. Believe it or not, Spotify holds a handful of live events. They also have exclusive recording sessions with select artists.

Number Eleven: Student Perks. Spotify is perfect for students and is designed to appeal to them over any other audience. In fact, they even offer a half-off discount on their premium package for students. Normally about $9.99 per month, this service can be bought by students for $4.99 per month.

Number Ten: The Loophole. Spotify has a unique interface and seemingly effective platform for their streaming services. However, it isn’t completely perfect, as one band was able to find a loophole. A band by the name of Vulfpeck created an album called “Sleepify” for users to play as they go to sleep at night. The entire album is pure silence; although, they made about $20,000 in royalties before Spotify removed it.

Number Nine: The Swift Steal. The app has received quite the outrage from the public after Taylor Swift reported that they “stole” her music, as she was not receiving adequate royalties. However, Spotify responded with a report of an accumulative sum of $6 million that she had been payed. In response, she claimed to have only received $500,000. However, they reported proof that $2 million had been paid in the previous year alone. Something fishy is definitely going on there, but it isn’t Spotify’s fault! Don’t forget to come back and discover the top eight things you never knew about Spotify in our part two article!