‘South Park’ Season 19: ‘Naughty Ninja’ Episode Review

After a tense six episodes setting up South Park for the ultimate ruination, this week’s episode gave us the question of the century: who is Leslie and what connection does she have with PC Principal? Something has been changing the town of South Park into a politically correct nightmare, but it’s all seemed so random until last night. What we all thought was a move by South Park to become part of the PC-Shaming era has actually been a calculated plan by parties unknown. All we know is that PC Principal and 4th grader Leslie have much more going on between them than Leslie disrupting PCP’s assemblies.

Since Shi Tpa Town has replaced SodoSopa as South Park’s new hipster hot spot, homeless people and addicts have made the area around Kenny’s house quite decrepit and unsafe. The police refuse to help get rid of the homeless, because due to South Park’s PC enema, the cops are no longer able to beat up minorities. Kenny takes it upon himself to protect his home and family and, enlisting the aid of Token, they dress as ninjas and man crossbows on Kenny’s roof to keep away the homeless. Cartman and some of the boys come to call Kenny and Token gay for playing ninja. However, an SUV drives by and the couple inside spot the two boys dressed in black, surrounded by black flags with white writing, and Arabic music starts playing in their heads and they scream and drive away. Clearly, Kenny was right; people are terrified of ninjas.

After Officer Barbrady, South Park‘s first and for a long time, only, police officer is fired for accidentally shooting a student, all of the adults in town hold a rally against police violence. A montage of images of residents bullying police officers, beating them up, or just plain screaming at them is set to NWA’s classic hit “Fuck the Police.” And so naturally, when Kenny and the other boys who have joined his ninja crusade kick all of the homeless people out of SodoSopa, they end up sleeping all over Shi Tpa Town, and now the residents of South Park are upset and turn to the cops for help. The police department has since become a hula school and are not interested in dealing with the citizens’ petty problems, namely all the children joining ISIS (because ISIS and ninjas are ironically almost indistinguishable).

This episode takes a stab at the ridiculous anti-police sentiments expressed by many on the left of the political spectrum and asks America what they would do if the cops refused to work. Not only is the Ayn Rand-ian scenario played out, but also Matt Stone and Trey Parker (South Park creators) understand that cops are just people trying to work and feed their families. But South Park dropped the mic this week when at the end of the show, Barbrady is visited by a federal agent reminiscent of Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) from Twin Peaks. He recognizes Barbrady as someone who truly wants to protect the town of South Park and asks if he’s noticed the major changes in the town and what he knows about a little girl named Leslie, shown in a photo being pushed on a swing by PC Principal.