Social Media: 5 Ways Apps Can Ruin Relationships

Dating today has become very complex, and it’s mainly because of technology and social media. Even though social media can be very useful, it can also be detrimental to your relationship. Are you someone who spends way too much time on social media? Has your girlfriend or boyfriend told you that you’re online too much? If so, you should take some time away from social media and focus on your relationship (unless you want to be single). Here are five ways social media and apps are ruining relationships.

Number Five: Buying an app that allows you to stalk your lover’s phone. There are apps on the market that allow people to check their lover’s text messages, call log, and photos. This takes insecurity to a whole new level. Anyone who buys an app like this must be very insecure. If you truly believe your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating, then you should leave the relationship. Apps that also allow you to track where your lover is are ridiculous and very disrespectful as well.

Number Four: Posting sexy pictures on social media. This is a tough one, but I don’t see the need to post sexy photos online. The only person you should be trying to impress is your lover. Those who are constantly seeking attention from others come off as needy and insecure. Celebrating your beauty is great, but there are classy ways to celebrate your beautiful body too.

Number Three: Stalking your girlfriend/boyfriend’s social media page. Are you the kind of person who constantly checks your lover’s social media page? If so, you’re only looking for trouble. The fact that you’re checking his or her page more than 20 times a day is an indication that there’s a lack of trust in your relationship. If you’re also the type that constantly nags your lover any time someone likes his or her photos, then you’re not mature enough to be in a relationship.

Number Two: Contacting your ex on social media. Social media, especially Facebook, is a great way to connect with people you haven’t seen or heard from in years. Unfortunately, these people may also include an ex-lover. No matter what, you should not contact your ex if you’re in a relationship. It’s disrespectful to your girlfriend/boyfriend, and it will only cause problems.

Number One: Posting your relationship issues on social media. Way too many people are treating social media like a diary. These people put all of their relationship business online, and they’re often guilty of changing their relationship status to “Single.” We can easily figure out when they have mended their relationship because their status changes back to “In a Relationship.”