Shaggy: 15 Things You Didn’t Know Part 2

Last time, we went over eight super interesting facts about Reggae superstar, Shaggy. Read on for even more intriguing things you never would have guessed!

Number Seven: He Co-Wrote a Children’s Book

Shaggy helped to write and record a CD for the picture book entitled “Shaggy Parrot and the Reggae Band.” This book was donated to various schools in Jamaica, to be used as a part of their curriculum!

Number Six: He didn’t Always Want to Be A Musician

As a child, Shaggy’s biggest dream was to be a firefighter. After seeing a few live performances, however, he got an itch for music, started singing everywhere he went, and the rest was history. During high school, He would even sit on benches outside and make music, for whoever might be listening.

Number Five: He is A Family Man

He has three beautiful children who he describes with so much deep love and thankfulness. In an interview, Shaggy stated he has never felt love deeper than what he has for his children. In 2014, He married his long time partner Rebecca Packer in Jamaica, and couldn’t be any more happy with his close-knit family.

Number Four: He lives in Both the US and Jamaica

Shaggy has a classical Colonial home in Jamaica, complete with huge windows, polished wood floors, and a grand total of 11 bathrooms! His home in Miami, FL, on the other hand, is a bit smaller, with less furniture and more open spaces.

Number Three: He Loves Art

He is very talented, not only in his musical pursuits but also in painting and drawing. He stated in an interview once that he often wishes he had gone to art school rather than joining the military.

Number Two: His Grandmother Practically Raised Him

Growing up, Shaggy lived with his mother, but she had the tendency to be harsh and rough, and Shaggy preferred the company of his soft-spoken grandmother. She loved to dance, and even tried teaching him to waltz.

Number One: Shaggy Can Not Dance

His grandmother may have tried to teach him, but it seems He did not inherit the dancing gene. He prefers to stick with the singing part in his performances. Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this list.