Did Seth MacFarlane Create the Same Show Twice?


If you’ve ever watched Family Guy and American Dad, then you more than likely noticed how similar these two shows are. Both adult cartoons were created by Seth MacFarlane; Family Guy first aired on Fox in 1999, and American Dad aired on the same network in 2005. I love both shows, but the more I watch them, the more I see the similarities between the two. It’s a little comical how MacFarlane is getting away with the fact that American Dad is a carbon copy of Family Guy.

The main characters in Family Guy are as follows: The Griffin family including Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie, and their pet dog Brian. The main characters in American Dad are as follows: The Smith family including Stan, Francine, Hayley, Steve, alien Roger, and their pet fish Klaus Heissler.

Comparisons between Peter and Stan are easy to make: Both characters are the head of the families, and the show mainly centers around their silly antics. The men are not intelligent, even though it doesn’t appear they know how dumb they are. They usually do outlandish things that their wives have to clean up. Both men have abnormal best friends; Peter has several friends, but his best friend is his pet dog Brian. Stan’s best friend is the alien that he rescued named Roger.

Comparisons between Lois and Francine are also obvious: The women are beautiful and outspoken. Most times, the audience wonders why either married their husband. The majority of the time, both Peter and Stan are very disrespectful to their wives. Lois and Francine are housewives, but they occasionally get jobs outside of the home.

Here are some similarities between Meg and Hayley: Meg and Hayley are unappreciated in the families. Their fathers don’t respect them, but they try their best to please their dads. Stan is displeased with Hayley’s relationship and political choices, and so this constantly causes rifts in their relationship. Meanwhile, Meg is constantly the victim of Peter’s jokes.

Stewie and Roger are also comparable: These two are the breakout characters on the show. They are both intelligent, but they use their power in order to do evil and diabolical things. Even though it isn’t clear if they are homosexual, both have done and said things that suggest they are gay. Stewie’s sidekick is the pet dog Brian, and Roger’s sidekick is Steve (the youngest child in the Smith family).

Finally, even connections between Brian and Klaus are obvious: Both pets can speak, and they are smart and usually the voice of reason. Even though the family doesn’t always appreciate their advice, both pets don’t hesitate giving their strong opinions.

The evidence speaks for itself, but what do you think? Speak your mind in the comments.