Sea Creatures: 34 Rare Species You Have Never Seen (Part 4)

We absolutely astounded you with our first selections of 25 rare sea creatures in parts one through three, and you have come back seeking more mind-blowing discoveries! We have finally returned with our final part four, bringing you the top nine most incredible species of sea creatures that you never knew existed!

Number Nine: The Mola Mola

The impressive mola mola is a bony fish known as the world’s heaviest fish species, weighing up to 2,200 pounds. Often called the ocean sunfish, this species appears to be flattened, and can reach extensive lengths with the use of its dorsal and ventral fins. They mainly dine on jellyfish, and a lot of them.

Number Eight: A Barreleye Fish

This particular fish is most frightening because of its horror movie-like appearance. In a way, it resembles a mad scientist because the frontal part of its head is completely translucent, allowing observers to see the workings of its brain. As per named, this fish has the ability to rotate its eyes in a variety of mind-boggling directions.

Number Seven: The Sarcastic Fringehead

Despite the comical name, this species of fish is a fierce and competitive beast. In appearance, it kind of looks like a rainbow-colored fish version of a dilophosaurid. They are extremely territorial, and often fight other species as well as its own with its large gaping mouth.

Number Six: One of the Most Terrifying Sea Creatures – An Anglerfish

Made famous from the Disney movie Finding Nemo, the anglerfish is quite a unique species. They are equipped with a unique organ that produces a small source of light to lure in unsuspecting fish, and snatch them up with their nightmarish teeth. What most people don’t know about these odd creatures is the sickening way in which they reproduce. The digestive system of the male anglerfish removes itself, and attaches to a female to feed.

Number Five: Northern Stargazer

These creepy species of sea creatures are often mistaken for common rocks and help with the creature’s hunting capabilities. The gruesome fish buries itself into the sands of the ocean floor and electrocutes its unlucky victims. When immobilized, the northern stargazer swallows them in one gulp.

Number Four: A Giant Isopod

The giant isopod is commonly nicknamed to be the giant cockroach of the ocean. Although they are unlike cockroaches in nature, the shell and intimidating, bug-like features of this creature bear much resemblance. They can grow up to a frightening 16 inches, affected by a marine phenomenon characterized as “deep sea gigantism”.

Number Three: The Tongue-Eating Louse

As the name might imply, these horrific creatures are known for their dietary habits of eating tongues… in a way. To make the whole ordeal worse, this unique louse actually attaches to a fish’s tongue by wiggling its way in through their gills and sucks the victim’s blood from the oral appendage.

Number Two: Terrible Claw Lobster

This unique lobster was discovered as recently as 2007. As odd as it may seem, these crustaceans are most characterized by their intense technicolor hue. In addition, they have a somewhat normal claw on the left, but a much longer and thinner version on the left. As terrible as they may be, we have to imagine they aren’t really so bad with a little drawn butter.

Number One: The Pacific Blackdragon Deep Sea Creatures

In the realm of Pacific black dragons, it is great to be a woman. The females of this species can grow up to a whopping two feet while the males only grow to three inches. In addition, the males die after mating. This thin species of fish is the product of nightmares, with a dragon-like form and ferocity, as well as frightening fangs. We hope you enjoyed exploring our list of the 34 rarest creatures that you have never seen (until now)!