Sea Creatures: 34 Rare Species You Have Never Seen (Part 3)

We absolutely astounded you with our first selections of 16 rare sea creatures in parts one and two, and you have come back seeking more mind-blowing discoveries! We have finally returned with part three, bringing you nine more incredible species that you never knew existed! Don’t forget to check back for our final coming article, part four, to see the final top nine rare sea creatures that you have never seen before!

Number Eighteen: A Mystery Sea Creature?

Oddly enough, this recently-discovered species hasn’t even earned itself a name yet. Not much is known about this creature, but it resembles a translucent, red version of the Pokemon character Bellsprout. That wins my vote for its title!

Number Seventeen: One of the Most Interesting Sea Creatures – The Deep Sea Jellyfish

This type of jellyfish is known to appear in a variety of forms and colors, and lives in the dark waters of the ocean. Rather than tentacles, these glowing creatures often have a set of four large arms. They are highly intelligent, though not much is known of this animal because of its anti-social nature.

Number Sixteen: Phronima Sedentaria

This species is nicknamed the pram bug for its unique structure. It is a form of amphipod crustacean that keeps close to the sea floor, and has the appearance of a ghostlike combination of a dog and flea, with claws similar to that of a scorpion.

Number Fifteen: The Narwhal

Because of their unicorn-like appearance, these creatures are often thought to be only a myth. They are very real however, and use the large horn protruding from their heads as a tool to sense its environment. Oddly enough, these large horns are filled with intensely efficient nerves.

Number Fourteen: The Mantis Shrimp

This tiny yet impressive creature is equipped with a variety of effective features. They have four times the amount of color receptors in their eyes as humans do, and have extremely powerful claws. It has been observed that these crustaceans can use their claws to strike at such intense speeds that they actually boil the surrounding ocean waters, creating a bright flash of light when they attack.

Number Thirteen: Promachoteuthis Sulcus

This creature is a relatively new discovery of squid. It was initially found to live at depths of up to 6,000 feet in the southern Atlantic. The most characteristic feature of this unique squid is its eerily human-like teeth.

Number Twelve: Roughback Batfish

The appearance of the roughback batfish can be described as a sort of horned stingray with a unique set of legs. The most noticeable feature of this creature is it mean mug, having a seemingly-angry face that only a mother could love with big, red lips. They are bottom-dwellers that most often inhabit the western Atlantic waters.

Number Eleven: Pigbutt Worm

This creature has an odd title indeed, but it really fits the description. Named for its striking resemblance to, well, a pig’s rear end, this unique worm grows only to the size of a marble. It is most often observed to live at depths of 3,000 feet.

Number Ten: A Blobfish

The blobfish has received a lot of attention in recent years for its 2013 title of World’s Ugliest Animal. In appearance, this gruesome fellow appears to be a big, gooey pink blob of what you might expect Squidward to look like without his body. In correlation with his appearance, his is extremely lazy and gets his meals by swallowing up whatever happens to swim by. Don’t forget to check back for our final coming article, part four, to see the final top nine rare sea creatures that you have never seen before!