Scorpions: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

A band that will likely remain in musical halls of fame for decades, the Scorpions are known by nearly everyone. They hit their prime in the 70s and continued recording albums right on up to modern day. Here are some facts you didn’t know about the super group. Check out part two of this article soon!

Number Fifteen: They Hail From Germany

Placed in the same category as many American and British rock groups, and always singing in English, the band being German may come as a surprise to some. The band members are from Hannover.

Number Fourteen: The Scorpions Managed Themselves

Bands with this much popularity usually have a team working for them. An agent booking the shows, a manager planning things, but that’s not the case here. This band was self-sufficient, which is quite an amazing feat.

Number Thirteen: They Toured in Japan

Selling out a five-day tour, the group traveled to perform in Asia for starstruck fans. Later on, they decided they needed to put out some live recordings and released excerpts from these performances, titled The Tokyo Tapes.

Number Twelve: They Opened for Ted Nugent

The Scorpions made their big debut in America while opening for the very famous and sought-after Ted Nugent. They were very well received in the states, entering the U.S. charts and staying there for months.

Number Eleven: The German Band Had Dreams to Conquer the USA

Many people don’t realize the band is German because they always sing in English. Apparently this was due to a wish to gain popularity in America.

Number Ten: A Baby Boom in France Coincided with Their Hit Single

The song “Still Loving You” was very popular in France when it first came out, and research reveals that there was an usually high birth rate 9 months after the song swept the nation. Coincidence?

Number Nine: They Stopped Recording For a While in 2010

They wanted to go out while they were still at the top. For this reason, they stopped recording in 2010 but continued to tour around the globe. We hope you enjoyed this list of amazing Scorpions facts and hope you’ll return for part two, coming soon.