Rush Midnight – Closer

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Rush Midnight’s video for their single “Closer” brings us back to the good old days of playing kickball in the schoolyard with friends. The video opens to a late night gathering at a baseball field, with bright stadium lights beaming down on the scattered crowd conversing in anticipation of the sporting events to come. Given no context, viewers are immediately drawn into the mysterious setup.
But this seemingly casual meetup doesn’t stay that way for long, and the once laidback atmosphere takes a turn once the competition arrives. In slow, dramatic shots, close-ups of each teammate reveal the intimidating glares exchanged between the competition, and the suspense builds. The players are geared up and ready to play–participating in everything from full makeup to sequin heels–and it becomes more and more difficult not to pick sides. This is certainly not your average kickball game. Who will win in the end? Check out the video to find out!

Director: Xander Robin
DOP: Matt Clegg
Editor: Dustin Waldman
Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
Stylist: Anjia Jalac
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