Rolling Stones Release Alternate ‘Brown Sugar’

The Rolling Stones, the legendary English rock band whose career has spanned from the 1960’s and 1970’s to the present day, recently released an alternate recording of their 1971 classic hit “Brown Sugar“, off their album Sticky Fingers. The group is currently in the process of remastering the album, and they are planning on reissuing the deluxe version on June 9th. The recording of “Brown Sugar” they just released for public consumption is a looser interpretation of the famous Sticky Fingers opening track, but also more polished. It features Eric Clapton on guitar, and was recorded during Keith Richards’ birthday party in December of 1970.

The playful song also features Al Kooper on piano instead of Ian Stewart, who was a mainstay in the band for many years, and whose work appears on the regular Sticky Fingers version of “Brown Sugar”. The deluxe reprinting of the album will include extended versions of songs like “Bitch,” an acoustic version of “Wild Horses,” and alternate recordings of “Dead Flowers” and “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. It was also include five extra tracks that were recorded live from London’s Roundhouse in 1971.

The much-awaited deluxe box set will also feature a 13-song live album called Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out, which the Stones recorded at Leeds University in 1971. For the truly impassioned fans, the box set will also include a DVD showing two songs (“Midnight Rambler” and “Bitch”) that The Rolling Stones performed at the Marquee concert hall that year. In addition, the box set will have a 120-page limited edition book, which is full of inside stories about the making of the album, complete with unpublished photographs from the time period.

The Stones have been performing the album in its entirety at some recent gigs in Los Angeles, but not at every performance on their current Zip Code tour. “It’s a really great album, but it has a lot of slow songs,” Mick Jagger explained. “Normally in a show we’d just do one or two ballads. Sticky Fingers has about five slow songs. I’m just worried that it might be problematic in stadiums. Maybe we’d play it and everyone would say, ‘Great,’ but maybe they’d get restless and start going to get drinks.”

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