Rock City ft. Adam Levine: ‘Locked Away’ Single Review

Rock City is one of the most under-appreciated Duos in the music industry – if we are to go by the level of hype and recognition they get for the music they so wonderfully, write, produce and deliver. But this has never stopped them from giving us music that speaks to us and makes us feel like we relate with whatever they are talking about in the song. And they continue in this line with their latest single titled “Locked Away” which features the incredible Adam Levine from Maroon 5. This is yet another an unexpected collaboration as all these artists do not easily come to mind when you think of artists that are most likely to ever collaborate together. They fuse two genres and produce another one of those we love to call “masterpieces.”

In the song, we hear Adam perform a well sang and perfectly emotional chorus before the Rock City duo comes in to sing their verses. The immaculate blend of the two completely different sounds from the artists is a factor to highly applaud about “Locked Away.” This song is one of those songs that get you thinking about your situation and the person you are with especially if there are signs that they like you for the status. Would she / he still love you or would they still stick around if the situation wasn’t the same, if the comfort was no longer part of it? In “Locked Away” Adam and Rock City are wondering if their situation changed for the worst would she still be there.

On the chorus Adam Levine asks her, “if I got locked away and we lost it all today / tell me honestly would you still love me the same / if I showed you my flaws, if I couldn’t be strong / tell me honestly would you still love me the same.” The smoothness of Adam’s voice and how he always hits his notes calmly but mightily powerful makes this chorus a whole lot more appealing. His voice has that significant pull that draws you to the message, it carries emotion in its pitches and this is why Adam Levine’s music has always been sincerely felt.

Rock city lays their Virgin Island style to the song and it gives it that double dealing effect. If Adam is your man, then you are covered, if this amazing duo is what does it for you, then you are sorted as well. Their sound is legendary, from producing and writing some of the greatest songs in the business, they bring this level of expertise to their personal project. They are also wondering if the situation changed would she still stay. If they couldn’t buy the finest things for her, would she be a ride or die girl or she’d not stick around? Their sound has always been pleasant to listen to because it is quite impressively distinct from what we get in the talent filled industry.

This is an unexpected collaboration but it is an amazing one. They get it right at so many levels, Adam Levine is presented with the right flavor for the chorus, the piano in the background for the introduction allows for his voice to be properly heard. This is later joined by the heavy Caribbean dancehall type of beat on the second chorus after the first verse by Rock city. This connects Adam’s chorus to the entire flow and composition of the song. I found this particularly interesting and artistic.