Robin Thicke ft. Nicki Minaj: ‘Back Together’ Single Review

Many will say Robin Thicke made “Back Together” for his ex-wife, Paula Patton. And of course, he will inevitably deny that claim. The dude already has an entire album, Paula, written about her, so this speculation wouldn’t be far-fetched. All that aside, here’s our review of his single with Nicki Minaj.

“Back Together” is about relationships, love and getting yourself back together after it has all come falling apart. Robin Thicke is telling us how all he wants to do is get her back – I guess we all see why everyone is speculating that it’s about Paula Patton. And how we all wish it was! “Now all I wanna do is get / get you back / Cause girl, you’re still the best that I’ve ever had,” sings Robin.

It’s the rap goddess Nicki Minaj that introduces us to the disco-sounding song with a sensual “Hey Robin,” then a playful and equally sensual laughter that follows. Robin Thicke picks it up from there, and he goes on to tell us about how she used to love to tear him apart, and now he is asking her to put him back together. “You put a bullet into my heart / now put me back together, now put me back together,” sings Robin.

She left him in a bad place, and now he needs her to help him get back in one piece. She brought out the animal in him, and no one else could tame that beast. He was left on the floor, and for some reason, he keeps driving past her door. It is supposed to be a very sad song, but the disco style does not allow for the sadness to materialize. You are thrown into the disco mood with the song, and how he sings it also gives it more of a celebratory sound than sorrow.

“Yo ayo Robin / I get more head than when they nodding / Kitty on fleek it’s popping I’m Mary Poppins / Just for the record that hard is what I’m copping…” the rap goddess slays on with her verse. Nicki Minaj does what she was invited on board to do; she keeps the flow tight and catchy. You will hear a Hillary reference somewhere in her verse, which is exciting. Minaj switches up the flow as she sings midway through her verse before returning with the rap flow. The transitions are incredible, and they personally have me nodding in approval.